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Saturday, December 13, 2008

My First Custom Order ~ done and shipped!

The excitement began when I checked my email after I returned from Thanksgiving dinner. Yes, I know that sounds obsessive, but I was running a sale for "Black Friday-Cyber Monday" weekend on my Eclectica By Jan etsy shop, and I wanted to keep up with what was happening. I was so thrilled and surprised to get a message requesting a custom afghan!

Well, that was two weeks ago, and now - here it is:

I call this piece "Wristie's Afghan" because it was made for a wonderful buyer with the user name of wristie. The colors were based on the buyer's decor, and I think it made a striking and distinctive piece. I received the order on Thanksgiving Day, and had it finished and mailed within two weeks. That was pushing it a bit (I had a few late nights) but I really wanted to finish in time to mail for Christmas delivery - and it required international shipping! Now it's finished, done and shipped on time - and now I wait to see how my customer likes it :-)

I learned several things while doing this project. One has to do with pricing - I just about gave this away: after I subtracted the cost of materials and postage, I made about $11 profit. I truly don't mind because this experience has given me a real boost in terms of my rating on etsy, filling out my portfolio, and so forth. I will look at more realistic pricing in the future - but that's another story.
Best of all, I affirmed how much I really like custom work! It brought me back to my years as a freelance writer/editor: This project was very similar to my editing gigs where I was given someone's ideas to put into good form, and then give back to them. What a joy - and I'm good at it! So it works in crochet as well as with words, and I'd be very happy to do more (crochet that is - I don't do the wordsmithing any more).
So, with the New Year coming, I'll be looking at where I want to go with this. Right now I feel very drawn to working on big, higher-end pieces. I really like making these afghans, almost more than anything! And when the holiday rush is over, I can focus on a big work while keeping smaller pieces - scarves, shawls, and such - going "on the side." That's my favorite way of working, and the same goes for art/collage work. And, of course, having more custom orders to add to the mix would be ideal!

I can't leave this post without letting Luvlee have her say! She likes to get her self into the photo, and I must say she's very good about not getting her cat hairs on the project. Note to finicky customers: I always launder my washable products before I ship them, so you don't have to worry about cooties coming along with your order:-)

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