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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Butterfly for December: the energy of the month

Greetings, dear readers and fellow-travelers ~ Starting this month I will supplement my CycleCasts with an "energy of the month" reading: I will pull one card from my trusty Star+Gate Deck and expound on it. The energy for the month of December 2008 is

The Butterfly

The Butterfly is a mode of self-expression that comes from having new energy emerging within us. It has lighthearted feel, but don't try to pin it down or you'll kill it. This new way of being is elusive and delicate, even fickle, but if you can just stop and enjoy the beauty as it flutters by, you'll grow stronger in the art of letting go and feeling carefree. Spread your wings!

The Butterfly's nearest neighbors on the Star+Gate pattern are:

  • Thunder ~ a state of power that gives us lessons in humility.
  • Letter ~ A gift of being able to put our ideas into form and communicate through symbols.
  • Wind ~ The challenge of adapting to change.

The Butterfly is borne of the energies of Indecision and Hope. That's right: now may not be the time to make major decisions. Rather, it's wisest to Trust in a higher and wiser source while Weighing the options. Enjoy the dance between polarities, traveler

How nice to have such an easy energy during this typically stressful month of the holiday seasons! And, as I reflect on what's happening in the larger community - at least for the U.S. - I feel its appropriateness. Tonight, as I was driving from one errand to another while listening to All Things Considered in my car, I felt the elusive stirrings of a new day dawning. Out of crisis and despair a new energy is emerging. We all know there is so much work ahead to repair our country and our planet, but for now we can glimpse the joyous possibilities that lie ahead. So, fellow-travelers, take time out to plant the seeds of manifestation, and enjoy the Butterfly in all her delicate beauty.

Would you like to find out how the prevailing energies are personally influencing you? I can help with an intuitive reading to answer your questions and illuminate your path. For information and to request and appointment, send a message to burchjan@gmail.com. Visit my website www.GeoGlowConsulting.com for more information.

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