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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes, We Did It! Post-Election CycleCast Reflections

I woke up this morning knowing that it really is the dawn of a new day, fellow-travelers. The world had a big, blow-out party last night, and we all went to bed knowing that the power structure of the U.S. has changed dramatically with the election of our 44th President, Barack Obama.

Since it's no secret who I've been supporting in this election, I'll say that I was thrilled, overjoyed, teary-eyed, and pinching myself when the news came in. I shared this historic moment with a joyous crowd of fellow supporters in the convention-center ballroom in Albuquerque, and with crowds of thousands around the world.

Much has been written and said in the 24-hours since the announcement. I won't add to the general volume, although impressions and reflections are still swirling around in my head. Instead, I'm thinking about how the CycleCasts I've been doing have reflected the energies as they manifest in our reality. (And it's not my intention to toot my own horn with this - but sometimes the forecasts I've written seem so eerily right-on, even I get spooked!)

The energy that stands out for me on this new day is the Ring, which was noted in my last CycleCast dated October 31. The Ring represents our challenge of how we join our energies together. Do we see this joining as limiting, or does it allow us to deepen and unify our bonds - to be able to accomplish more together than we ever could alone. Now, that's a real challenge for Americans, with all our cultural emphasis on individualism (and I'm an individualist if there ever was one.)

And wasn't that what it's all about: Are we going to work together to face our real-world challenges of the economics, international relations, environment and global warming, health care and education for all? Are we going to be an inclusive society, or one that slices and dices among ever-finer divisions of "real" Americans? Are we going to step forward and do what is needed, or are we going to be self-interested consumers who want we want, and don't want to pay for it?

As John F. Kennedy said on that bright, snowy day of his inauguration, "Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask instead what you can do for your country." And so we did. This was not only an election with record-breaking turnout - we're talking about folks who stood in line up to seven hours to vote - this was an election that saw enormous participation in getting out the vote, and making sure the vote was fair. I know of so many people who've phone-banked, canvassed, blogged, e-mailed, forum-posted, provided transportation, poll-watched, and more, to help even one more person cast that precious ballot. And let's not forget to give kudos to those who overcame their long-standing difficulties with "politics" to do their own research and make their voices heard through the ballot.

I've never been more awestruck and proud of my country. I think we more than met the challenge of the Ring. Good on you, America!


johnlazy said...

Yap you should be proud of your country ma'am you're so lucky

Jan 4 Insight said...

Thank you, John. Yes, it's been a thrilling and historic time, not only for the USA, but for the entire world.


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