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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Economy Stinks, and the Autumn Colors are Beautiful

Okay, I admit it, I am a bona-fide current-events and political-news junkie. And one of the ways I like to get my political-news fix is in my car, listening to public radio as I'm driving around doing errands. I mean, the rock-oldies station gets old after a while, but the news is always new!

So I'm driving around on this beautiful day, today, listening to all the bad news on the news: Bailing out the automakers. Or not. Highest unemployment since whenever. Ripple effects spreading through the economy. You know, the usual stuff. And I'm looking out my window, noticing: Wow, this is one super-beautiful fall season:

Which puts me right square into this universal paradox I've pondered for a long time: Why, when times are so difficult on the human scale, does Nature give us her best, most beautiful show? Is it just to break our hearts even more, or is there some other reason?

I can remember one springtime, when I was particularly devastated over the loss of a significant relationship, and the lilac bushes by my front door were glorious with fragrant blossoms. Even in the depths of my heartbreak, I noticed. And, I've seen it reported that areas across which have been bloody with battle and mass murder, after a few years of Nature's recovery, become green with new growth and flowers.

No, the picture above has never been a battle scene, at least not as far as I know. I'm using it to break up my text :-) and also to illustrate the beautiful western autumns I've fallen in love with, since I migrated from the east coast in search of the geographic cure many years ago. This picture is from the Emigrant Wilderness, in the Sierra Nevada just north of Yosemite.

You have to agree, battle or not, Nature has given us an abundance of beauty, nurturance, and uplifting vistas. And She is still doing so, despite humanity's sad lack of care for her or for each other. Which helps answer my question: Why all this beauty in the center of humanity's turmoil? I believe it is Nature's way of offering us consolation, like when we give flowers to someone who has faced bereavement or personal tragedy. And it's an visible symbol of endurance and perpetuity.

Some folks like to use affirmations to get themselves out of a bad space. With all due respect, affirmations have never worked that well for me. Instead, I look to Nature and her vistas of tranquility, beauty, and persistence. That is affirmation enough for me.


Jan4insight said...

And the day can always start over again. After I finished listening to the news, these good things happened:

~I got a blog award from Kat
~I received a package of brownies in the mail
~Begich won his Senate race against Ted Stevens in Alaska.

The wheel turns, and turns again. May it continue.

Sadia said...

Nature has always been beautiful be it good or bad times. When things are going good it multiplies the joy , and when bad like you said Jan it offers consolation. Looking at the pictures you've posted I can feel the elation reaching out to all.

Jan4insight said...

Sadia, thank you for your knid remarks. And welcome - I believe you are my first visitor from Saudi Arabia!


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