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Monday, November 24, 2008

The Bell-Ringing Knight Sails the Wide Sea: CycleCast through December 20, 2008

As we move into the final weeks of 2008, dear readers, we're seeing some of the energies we've worked with over the past year cycle back around, perhaps giving us one more chance to learn the lessons Or practice the moves. Or savor the moments. Choose the metaphor that gives you the most comfort!

This CycleCast is rather straightforward, and it looks like an easy flow for the next few weeks. The themes identified in the previous CycleCast, of building relationships and seeking truth, are repeated, but with a bit more focus on the inner journey and being in touch with the soul:

Finally, travelers, we're ready to go out and rescue that which is worth preserving. But before you charge off on your steed, remember that the Knight whose archetype you follow is a noble image, not a grasping one. Be sure to have a reliable map, so you don't fall into a Hole ~ or, make the grail you seek into an Empty Vessel and receive your guidance moment by moment. Feeling lost? Ring your Bell and draw in everything that you need: It all lies within. Knowing this, you can feel secure within your own soul's boundaries. Once your innermost needs are satisfied, you can take to the warm, nurturing Sea and bask in the knowledge that here, fellow-traveler, you truly belong.

This CycleCast goes into effect two days from now, on November 26-28. We'll have much to be grateful for on the Thanksgiving weekend. By December 12-13, the inner-journey phase of this Cycle will peak, and as the lessons coalesce by December-19-20, the energies of mixing with others with prevail. Looks like we'll be having some mellow parties this holiday season!

Are you seeking guidance for your inner journey? My intuitive readings are just the thing! You can visit my website www.GeoGlowConsulting.com for information about my intutive services and prices; or write to burchjan@gmail.com with your request. Namaste.

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