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Sunday, November 9, 2008

All My Relations: CycleCast for Most of November 2008

Now that the week of the U.S. election is over, fellow-travelers, it's time to get back to the so-damn-dailiness of life. Today I actually got caught up on laundry and housework! And, I sat down and did a CycleCast to guide us through this November's psychic-energy weather:

It's time to come out of your shell, traveler, and look at your relationship with the larger world. The selfish-Self wants to cry, "Me, me, me," while the Universe is saying, "WE." On top of that, we're being challenged to use our abilities! What's a poor ego to do? No worries; we have the freedom to cut away what doesn't suit us, just be careful not to turn the Knife against oneself. If you're tempted to cut off your nose to spite your face, wait - there is Hope. You might turn to a higher or wiser source, and ask if that's a good idea.

It's in the WE that we can speak the clearest truth: the Tongue in this reading is collective. We began this Cycle giving out the Token of intent and appreciation, then went and hid behind the Mask to keep our identities safe. Now the Letter is waiting in the inbox ~ open it, travelers, and know what your dreams are really telling you. Ahead of us is the Field where we can shine in our skills, and explore like happy children, newly-freed for recess. The test is over! And when opportunity calls, don't reject it out of hand. The Gate swings both ways, and you just might like what's on the other side.

This CycleCast is loaded with themes of relationship, truth-seeking, and the power that comes from combining with others. We'll be comfortable seeking out harmony and exercising independent judgment. Above, we'll be supported in rising above fear. This is no time to let False Evidence Appearing Real get you out of balance. It is, however, a long forecast. We won't really feel the benefits of this journey until the energies peak during the last week of the month, from November 22 through 28.

So, I asked my guides to show us how to get through the short term. There are two significant energies. The Cup (November 9 and 10) challenges us to accept - even better, embrace - that which the Universe gives us. And the Stone (November 15 and 16) grounds us in our integrity. Staying the course and going with what feels right within is a good guideline to follow.


Neda said...

I have enjoyed catching up, albeit late, with all of your insightful posts. So much to learn and contemplate..Me/We is inspiring me a lot of ths moment (the visual juxtaposition ain't bad either)..And speaking of visuals, your collages rock! STRONG and vibrant in terms of composition, color, theme,etc. The trees for the holidays is both delicate and shimmering with emotions. Love it!! ... I wish I could comment on every piece. I get eaily lost when my friends have more than one website/blog .. I promise to learn.

Have a fab Thanksgiving and keep on creating!

Jan 4 Insight said...

Thank you, Neda. Kind comments like your inspire me to keep making more collage art!

And I know what you mean by getting lost with multiple websites. Sometimes I have a hard time keeping track of them, myself.


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