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Friday, October 31, 2008

What's the Grand Plan? Final CycleCast for the U.S. Election, November 4, 2008

As I mailed in my ballot this week, fellow-travelers, I reflected on how much these final days before the election are like the lead-up to some big event: a long-awaited birthday party combined with finals week. The good, the bad, and the ugly ~ all mixed in together with hoopla, rallies (I saw my candidate speak in Albuquerque last weekend, along with 44,999 other joyful citizens), news breaks, coffee conversations, and the ever-annoying robocalls. It all goes with the territory, dear readers, and if I never have another reason to be proud of my country, at this moment I am filled pride to know that Americans are enduring all of this - and turning out in droves - to exercise their right to vote.

What's more, as I talk to my friends about this, it seems clear that we each have a path to follow, a part to play, in turning out this historic vote. Part of my part, it seems, is to write this blog and do these CycleCasts. And so, it pleases me to present this updated Election CycleCast:

It's time for a brand-new Cycle, fellow-travelers, with two universal-star energies shining on us: We are Bowing to the highest Aspiration, the best within each of us. That includes you, traveler - bow to your own highest and wisest self. First, though, we must wait for the limiting Fog to lift, then know that this Mud we seem to be stuck in really is ripe for the nurturing of new growth. Our challenge is to grasp the golden Ring and join our energies together - unity is the call of the day. There's a Robe to be bestowed; this time we'll hand it off with refined perception that sees the truth. We are no longer so easily fooled. Our gift is the Harp, which gives us the ability to create a much-welcomed harmony out of all the dying-down discord. As we find our ability to access light everywhere, we reach the kind of fulfillment and completion that let's us dream the next new beginning.

This CycleCast is in effect now. I see the Fog lifting by early evening of Election Day, and the culmination will be in view by November 7-8. Definitely, the resolution will be in place well before the end of November.

So breathe easy, dear readers and fellow-travelers. Despite all the concerns about the voting process (and bringing them out is definitely in alignment with the energies), this election will have a clear outcome. Remember to do your part: keep sending Light, speak your truth, vote, help others get the polls, and find a safe and sane place to watch the election returns!

I'll have a new CycleCast for our personal energy-weather by the end of this week. In the meantime Keep Smiling ~ One Day at a Time!


Anonymous said...

Interesting blog you have here. About the election, I'm sure many are looking to the "next new beginning". Let's us all wait and see what that new beginning is. :)

Jan4insight said...

Thank you for your comment, Lai. I hope you will continue to find my blog interesting after the election!

Anonymous said...

Fascinating blog. I believe whole heartedly that this election represents a leap forward in the evolution of human consciousness, a further convergence of the electromagnetic frequencies -- the human spirit -- that binds us all. Celestial movements are integral to the transmission and generation of these frequencies.

It couldn't happen at a more opportune time, as it seems that the current status quo is on the brink of implosion.

Thank you for your post.

Jan4insight said...

Ethan, thank you for your thoughtful and articulate comment. I agree, the current status quo is on the brink of implosion ~ and we can also see that implosion as the gateway to the better world we've been dreaming of for so long.


Anonymous said...

Yes, we did!!!!



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