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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What Jin Shin Jyutsu has done for me ~

Lately I've been getting a lot of hits to this blog from folks searching for information about Jin Shin Jyutsu. Most of these have come from other countries - and I love expanding my international readership, so welcome! However, since Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJ) is still relatively unknown in parts of the U.S. (and since it's been a week since my last post - ulp, my bad), I thought I'd share with you some of the benefits I've gotten from JSJ, and why I'm so passionate about it. After all, it's great resource that may be closer to you than you think~

Jin Shin Jyutsu (it's a registered trademark but I don't know how to put the (R) symbol in my text) is described in many ways: a physio-philosophy - a way of life. The kanji characters translate variously as Body - Mind - Art, or the Harmonizing Art of the Creator through the Compassionate Being. That last is an expanded translation that I love. However, I refer to JSJ as an energy-balance form of bodywork, so that people will know it involves a hands-on session that harmonizes the subtle energy fields of the body. And by the way, it feels great!

When I first met Jin Shin Jyutsu - and how I met JSJ is another story - I was working in a highly demanding management position, while coping with chronic health issues. This was challenging to say the least. There had been times in my younger days when I'd be bedridden for five to eight weeks at a time - and that was in my 20s and 30s. By the time I met JSJ, the long bedridden times were not so evident, but it was still a daily struggle to muster up enough vital energy to do what had to be done. With my first JSJ session, I felt great and I rode on the energy wave it me gave for the next several weeks of demanding travel and work schedules. It was like nothing I'd ever experienced before - I felt strong, collected, and balanced.
It took me eight years after that to find JSJ again, and when I did there was no going back. My body loves JSJ. At first I had no ideas or expectations of "curing" any of my conditions; I just knew that it felt good. But after a few years of daily practice with self-help applications, plus receiving practitioner sessions whenever I could get them, I noticed I was feeling better and better. more often and for longer time periods:

~My levels of physical energy balanced and stabilized.
~Migraine headaches, a condition I've lived with since childhood, became milder, less frequent, and more manageable.
~I stopped getting every cold that came around, and the colds I did get were less severe and cleared up more quickly.
~When I faced the challenge of periodontal surgery some years ago, Jin Shin Jyutsu helped me breeze through it with speedy recovery and almost no post-operative pain.
~I became much less of a worrier, and even lost a little cellulite!

Those are just some of the benefits I've had from Jin Shin Jyutsu in my own life. Practicing self-help and seeing the results compelled me to take the Five-Day Seminars which are a basic part of training for practitioners:

Before I knew it, I became a practitioner and was able to extend this beautiful form of energy work to others. I love all the types of work that I do, but giving Jin Shin Jyutsu sessions is a special favorite of mine. To see people get up off the table after an hour of blissful harmonizing, with fresh color and a smile on their face, is truly a blessing. And it does me good to spend that peaceful hour with my client.
Wouldn't you like to experience this bliss for yourself? If you live in or are traveling through the beautiful high-desert of Albuquerque, NM, I'm here for you! You can visit my website http://www.geoglowconsulting.com/ for more information about my services and fee schedules, or just write to burchjan@gmail.com with your request. For my many readers out of state and overseas - sorry, Jin Shin Jyutsu is a hands-on practice and I can't really get my hands through the phone line (but I can do a reading for you:-) ~ But, JSJ is available world-wide, so you can go to http://www.jinshinjyutsu.com/ and use the JSJ Locator to find a practitioner near you.
As we say in Jin Shin Jytusu, be the smile. Until next time, happy balancing!

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