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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Notable Quote: Barbara Ehrenreich on Power and Wealth

How many "wake-up calls" do we need, people - how many broken levees, drowned cities, depleted food pantries, people dead for lack of ordinary health care? We approach the end of the first decade of the twenty-first century in a bleak landscape cluttered with boarded-up homes and littered with broken dreams. ... Why don't we dare say it? the looting of America has gone on too long, and the average American is too maxed out, overworked, and overspent to have anything left to take. We'll need a new deal, a new distribution of power and wealth, if we want to restore the beautiful idea that was "America."

We could let this nation continue to fall apart, of course - dividing ever more clearly into the gated communities on the one hand and trailer parks and tenements on the other - until we eventually become one of those areas of the world prefixed by the mournful word former.

But I like to think we could find in our hearts some true ground for unity, some awareness of a common condition and collective aspiration. Maybe we could find it in an effort to restore America's lost glory - the beauty of our land before all the fences and sprawl, the respect we once enjoyed from people around the world. Or maybe we need to find it in the common threats we face, not only from the human enemies that our foreign policy has been breeding so prolifically but from the global challenge of climate change and shrinking supplies of water and oil. And maybe, someday, we would even regain the confidence to extend that sense of unity and connectedness to all of our fellow human beings, wherever they may reside on the planet.

~ Barbara Ehrenreich, from the introduction to This Land is Their Land, 2008.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm...I find my brain going in two opposing directions, one saying "hallelujah, sister," and the other saying "get real, Barbara...."

Then, the Republicans, particulary Palin, are making it about as overt as I've ever heard it, that they're betting on Americans' prejudices and stupidity. Guess we'll have to see if that gamble pays off...this time....

Jan4insight said...

So let's all work to make sure that gamble on "prejudices and stupidity" WON'T pay off!

Actually, in my most optimistic moments I'm sure it won't. I think that the American voters have wised up considerably. The last 8 years of Bush have taught us the high cost of voter apathy. To bad the lesson has been so painful!

Anonymous said...

I hope the last 8 years of the Bush administration has proven to be enough for Americans. What will win the election is getting the undecided voters to awaken, to come on side, and to get out and vote for this insanity to end.

Jan4insight said...

Timethief - there's one more thing we have to do: make sure the election is held fairly and peacefully. This is not a given - the old order is dying, and they're getting desperate. Desperate people can do ugly things, as we're already seeing.

And - I feel shame for the way we Americans have brought such turmoil to the world with the poor choices we've made in our governance. I've done my part to resist this tide, and I hope that at long last we're waking up the nightmare that is the failed ideology of conservatism.


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