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Friday, October 10, 2008

It's the Economy, Silly: CycleCast for the World Economy and Better Days Ahead

Fellow-travelers, it's been almost a week since I last posted (sorry, my bad), and I was writing a post on another topic when I paused to turn on the news. Once again the stock market took a tumble and we've ended up with one of Wall Street's worst weeks ever. As pundits on the news cuss and discuss what could have - should have - would have been done, the rest of us think about the cold winter ahead and how we'll finance our heating bills, among other necessities of life.

Yes, it's affecting me, too. As a self-employed person, I depend on the willingness of prospective clients to exchange a portion of their discretionary income for my goods and services. (Sorry if that sounds technical, but I had 25 units in Economics in grad school:-) And I, like nearly all small business owners that I know, am finding that the willingness drying up. Or maybe it's the income. Which means, I, too am feeling the effects of "The Economy" on my life. So I pray a lot, and I watch my spending very closely. And than I sat down to do this CycleCast, asking the Universe to reveal what cycles we'll being riding in the future ~

Behind us, the Field was wide open and explore it we did. Giving it away and treasuring our possessions, we acted like the Lover in thrall to glitter and gold. Even the Lamp with all its brightness couldn't shine enough light to wisely guide us. Keep your Candle burning, traveler; and follow your Reaching because it's all about growth.

Ahead of us is the proverbial light at the end of the Tunnel - which is a gift, so keep on moving forward. Once we've gotten our energies collected, then we can start climbing out of the pit: the Ladder takes us upward, step by step. Don't let indecisiveness hinder you, traveler; walk through the beckoning Gate and find your opportunity.

Right now, traveler, the Lightning is crashing all about us. This is the critical energy that shakes things up, and it's given us an exquisite chance to own the fire and create quality in our lives. You have a Tongue, traveler: speak your truth and say it clearly so that others may hear. The Bell is calling our helpers to come to us; how many more wake-up calls do we need? And quit obsessively weighing that Cup to see if it's half empty or full - that merely distracts from the real work of manifesting a fair share, and sharing it with all. Cast your worries into the Sea and know that you can be Aspiring to the higher plane that lies beyond this one.

Let's look at the time frame of this unfolding Cycle: We're concerned now with resources at any level, but even as we speak, the energies support moving back into balance; we'll start seeing this in world trends by October 25-27. And then, with our sense of balance restored, we'll begin to grasp the lesson by the final days of October. Further unfolding will take place in the six weeks or so following the U.S. election. By the time of the next Summer Solstice, we'll find that our sense of security has a lot more substance to it.

Our self-image has been deeply challenged by this financial crisis, and outer forces are eclipsing our petty little attitudes. Don't let fear put you out of balance. This is bigger than any one of us, and yet individually we have what it takes to rise to the task.

So carry on, dear readers, and don't let the world's news get you down. Remember, we're still wading through the bass-ackwardness of Mercury Retrograde (hasn't it been a booger?) and that makes everything look even more topsy-turvy than it is. The good news, the retrograde ends by October 15, and I'll have a new CycleCast for your personal journeys over the next several weeks. So smile!

Want to know what's in your economic future? I can help ~ with my intuitive readings to illuminate your path. Email your request for a phone appointment to burchjan@gmail.com, or visit my website www.GeoGlowConsulting.com for more information.

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