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Friday, October 31, 2008

What's the Grand Plan? Final CycleCast for the U.S. Election, November 4, 2008

As I mailed in my ballot this week, fellow-travelers, I reflected on how much these final days before the election are like the lead-up to some big event: a long-awaited birthday party combined with finals week. The good, the bad, and the ugly ~ all mixed in together with hoopla, rallies (I saw my candidate speak in Albuquerque last weekend, along with 44,999 other joyful citizens), news breaks, coffee conversations, and the ever-annoying robocalls. It all goes with the territory, dear readers, and if I never have another reason to be proud of my country, at this moment I am filled pride to know that Americans are enduring all of this - and turning out in droves - to exercise their right to vote.

What's more, as I talk to my friends about this, it seems clear that we each have a path to follow, a part to play, in turning out this historic vote. Part of my part, it seems, is to write this blog and do these CycleCasts. And so, it pleases me to present this updated Election CycleCast:

It's time for a brand-new Cycle, fellow-travelers, with two universal-star energies shining on us: We are Bowing to the highest Aspiration, the best within each of us. That includes you, traveler - bow to your own highest and wisest self. First, though, we must wait for the limiting Fog to lift, then know that this Mud we seem to be stuck in really is ripe for the nurturing of new growth. Our challenge is to grasp the golden Ring and join our energies together - unity is the call of the day. There's a Robe to be bestowed; this time we'll hand it off with refined perception that sees the truth. We are no longer so easily fooled. Our gift is the Harp, which gives us the ability to create a much-welcomed harmony out of all the dying-down discord. As we find our ability to access light everywhere, we reach the kind of fulfillment and completion that let's us dream the next new beginning.

This CycleCast is in effect now. I see the Fog lifting by early evening of Election Day, and the culmination will be in view by November 7-8. Definitely, the resolution will be in place well before the end of November.

So breathe easy, dear readers and fellow-travelers. Despite all the concerns about the voting process (and bringing them out is definitely in alignment with the energies), this election will have a clear outcome. Remember to do your part: keep sending Light, speak your truth, vote, help others get the polls, and find a safe and sane place to watch the election returns!

I'll have a new CycleCast for our personal energy-weather by the end of this week. In the meantime Keep Smiling ~ One Day at a Time!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What Jin Shin Jyutsu has done for me ~

Lately I've been getting a lot of hits to this blog from folks searching for information about Jin Shin Jyutsu. Most of these have come from other countries - and I love expanding my international readership, so welcome! However, since Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJ) is still relatively unknown in parts of the U.S. (and since it's been a week since my last post - ulp, my bad), I thought I'd share with you some of the benefits I've gotten from JSJ, and why I'm so passionate about it. After all, it's great resource that may be closer to you than you think~

Jin Shin Jyutsu (it's a registered trademark but I don't know how to put the (R) symbol in my text) is described in many ways: a physio-philosophy - a way of life. The kanji characters translate variously as Body - Mind - Art, or the Harmonizing Art of the Creator through the Compassionate Being. That last is an expanded translation that I love. However, I refer to JSJ as an energy-balance form of bodywork, so that people will know it involves a hands-on session that harmonizes the subtle energy fields of the body. And by the way, it feels great!

When I first met Jin Shin Jyutsu - and how I met JSJ is another story - I was working in a highly demanding management position, while coping with chronic health issues. This was challenging to say the least. There had been times in my younger days when I'd be bedridden for five to eight weeks at a time - and that was in my 20s and 30s. By the time I met JSJ, the long bedridden times were not so evident, but it was still a daily struggle to muster up enough vital energy to do what had to be done. With my first JSJ session, I felt great and I rode on the energy wave it me gave for the next several weeks of demanding travel and work schedules. It was like nothing I'd ever experienced before - I felt strong, collected, and balanced.
It took me eight years after that to find JSJ again, and when I did there was no going back. My body loves JSJ. At first I had no ideas or expectations of "curing" any of my conditions; I just knew that it felt good. But after a few years of daily practice with self-help applications, plus receiving practitioner sessions whenever I could get them, I noticed I was feeling better and better. more often and for longer time periods:

~My levels of physical energy balanced and stabilized.
~Migraine headaches, a condition I've lived with since childhood, became milder, less frequent, and more manageable.
~I stopped getting every cold that came around, and the colds I did get were less severe and cleared up more quickly.
~When I faced the challenge of periodontal surgery some years ago, Jin Shin Jyutsu helped me breeze through it with speedy recovery and almost no post-operative pain.
~I became much less of a worrier, and even lost a little cellulite!

Those are just some of the benefits I've had from Jin Shin Jyutsu in my own life. Practicing self-help and seeing the results compelled me to take the Five-Day Seminars which are a basic part of training for practitioners:

Before I knew it, I became a practitioner and was able to extend this beautiful form of energy work to others. I love all the types of work that I do, but giving Jin Shin Jyutsu sessions is a special favorite of mine. To see people get up off the table after an hour of blissful harmonizing, with fresh color and a smile on their face, is truly a blessing. And it does me good to spend that peaceful hour with my client.
Wouldn't you like to experience this bliss for yourself? If you live in or are traveling through the beautiful high-desert of Albuquerque, NM, I'm here for you! You can visit my website http://www.geoglowconsulting.com/ for more information about my services and fee schedules, or just write to burchjan@gmail.com with your request. For my many readers out of state and overseas - sorry, Jin Shin Jyutsu is a hands-on practice and I can't really get my hands through the phone line (but I can do a reading for you:-) ~ But, JSJ is available world-wide, so you can go to http://www.jinshinjyutsu.com/ and use the JSJ Locator to find a practitioner near you.
As we say in Jin Shin Jytusu, be the smile. Until next time, happy balancing!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Phone # for the National Campaign for Fair Elections

A word to the wise:

The National Campaign for Fair Elections' hotline is (866.OUR.VOTE / 866.687.8683). This is the number to call if you are having any kind of trouble getting your vote cast the way you want it.

Also, some voters have reported their votes on electronic machines being "flipped" ~ in two counties in West Virginia, voters reported votes for 'Obama' showing on the screen as 'McCain.' Because of this, word from the blogosphere is: Take your cell phone or video camera in the booth with you and document your vote!

As for me ~ I am so glad New Mexico went totally to paper ballots two years ago!

My sources: the phone number is in an editorial currently running on The Nation's website. The idea of using cameras to document your vote is from several discussion thread on the Huffington Post.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Getting Ready for the Winter/Holidays at Eclectica By Jan

Greetings, All ~ The crisp fall weather is showing us the best of October. I have enjoyed being outside on some of our sunnier days - and Luvlee the cat likes to curl up by the stove on these cooler nights:

The cooler nights remind us that winter, and the holiday season, are around the corner. Normally I wouldn't be thinking of such things right now, but my participation in Etsy.com has changed all of that. It's time for all good artisans and crafters to be working on holiday and winter collections! So let me tempt you with some advance pictures of Eclectica By Jan's winter works in progress:

Here we have some warm winter scarves to keep the chills away. There's nothing like a colorful, hand-made scarf to brighten up the gray days of winter. And they're practical, too - easy care, soft and comfortable - these scarves will make great gifts!

Speaking of gifts, that makes us think of the Yuletide season. Who do you know who needs to get fired up with the Christmas spirit? I'm making some items to help with that project:

These pictures show my soon-to-be-available, one of a kind, holiday afghan! The colors alone will get you into the Christmas spirit faster than Scrooge can say, "Bah, humbug!" The scarves, afghan, and other goodies will soon be coming to my Eclectica By Jan etsy shop. In the meantime, you can follow the link and see my many giftable items for sale. Prices and shipping charges have been reduced in most cases. Why not get started early on your holiday shopping?

One last helpful hint before I sign off ~ I've been looking for an easy way to manage the endless flow of catalogs that land in my mailbox every day. Now I've found it, and if you , too, want to reduce your mailbox clutter and save some trips to the recycling drop-off, go to this site: CatalogChoice.org. It's free and super-easy to use. I signed up and in minutes and I had knocked my name off the mailing lists of half a dozen catalogs. Sure beats cutting out those silly labels and mailing them back to the company - plus I've saved over $2.00 on postage!

Until next time, dear readers ~ enjoy the beauty of autumn; stay warm; and above all be sure to get out and vote! Jan B

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Changing OUT of Mercury Retrograde: CycleCast for now through November 6, 2008

If you're as tired of this last Mercury Retrograde period as I am, fellow-travelers, breath easy: As I write this, we have less than 24 hours to go! The period ends at 2:06 pm, Mountain Time, and so we're beginning a new Cycle even as we speak. If you want to review the previous Cycle, scroll down to the post dated September 23, or use the "CycleCast" link in the sidebar. And, in keeping with my electoral-season promise, I've done two readings - one for our personal Cycle and one for the energies surrounding the much-awaited U.S. election. Let's see what the cards have to say to us now:

On the personal front, we're starting a brand-new Cycle and feeling like youngsters while we do so. We have about as much concern for how we appear to the world as the average pre-teen on the first day at a new school. It's all good, traveler; the star of Change is birthing our newness. Once we take up the Knife and cut the umbilical cord, we'll climb the sheltering Tree that nurtures our mature selves, and at the same time be able to splash like kids in a free-running Fountain. Traveler, it's time to declare your Independence! The lovely Rose reminds us that perfection blooms of its own accord, while a little Ice is always good for cooling things down.

Moving to the political arena ~ If the politicos, pundits, and talking heads have seemed a little headstrong lately, you're not imagining things! Grin and bear it, traveler; we have a couple more days of the I want's and I have's. By this weekend (October 17-18), the energy elevates to support thinking and relating. It's time to inquire, not judge, within. The energies of Change and Hope overlight this reading, which puts us in the driver's seat if we can only ride herd on our attitudes. After climbing the Tower to get a big picture and reflect on what's coming ahead, we'll extend the Glove of give-and-take while showing the Sword that expands our identity. The Arrow guides us to our mark - all we have to do is make up our minds and go for it! Plant the Rose, and allow its blooms to unfold. If you can see the Cup as half-full, you've mastered the challenge. Kudos to the one who truly is outstanding in his or her Field. By October 28-29, we'll start to see the light at the end of the tunnel, as issues of truth and authority are finally confronted.

One caution about the election: November 4 unfortunately is clouded by moon-void-of-course (lasting until 5:01 pm Mountain Time), which is like a mini-mercury retrograde. Snarls, snafus, and confusion may reign that day - the one day of all when we want to see clear results. Oh, no! The good news is, beginning the evening of November 4 and going through November 6, the prevailing energies support clarity, transcendence, and choosing freedom for self and all.

What to do? Here's as good a reason as any take advantage of early-voting opportunities! And, those of you who have been holding this election season, process, and outcome in the light ~ please continue to do all the way through, until the last ballot is counted and the official choices are clear and confirmed. The world thanks you for your dedication. {{{hearts}}}.

Both of these readings are in effect now and extend into the first week of November. I'll be back before then with a final wrap-up as we head into the culmination of all our election day hopes and fears. Err - cancel that thought and make it: hopes and dreams for the better!

Friday, October 10, 2008

It's the Economy, Silly: CycleCast for the World Economy and Better Days Ahead

Fellow-travelers, it's been almost a week since I last posted (sorry, my bad), and I was writing a post on another topic when I paused to turn on the news. Once again the stock market took a tumble and we've ended up with one of Wall Street's worst weeks ever. As pundits on the news cuss and discuss what could have - should have - would have been done, the rest of us think about the cold winter ahead and how we'll finance our heating bills, among other necessities of life.

Yes, it's affecting me, too. As a self-employed person, I depend on the willingness of prospective clients to exchange a portion of their discretionary income for my goods and services. (Sorry if that sounds technical, but I had 25 units in Economics in grad school:-) And I, like nearly all small business owners that I know, am finding that the willingness drying up. Or maybe it's the income. Which means, I, too am feeling the effects of "The Economy" on my life. So I pray a lot, and I watch my spending very closely. And than I sat down to do this CycleCast, asking the Universe to reveal what cycles we'll being riding in the future ~

Behind us, the Field was wide open and explore it we did. Giving it away and treasuring our possessions, we acted like the Lover in thrall to glitter and gold. Even the Lamp with all its brightness couldn't shine enough light to wisely guide us. Keep your Candle burning, traveler; and follow your Reaching because it's all about growth.

Ahead of us is the proverbial light at the end of the Tunnel - which is a gift, so keep on moving forward. Once we've gotten our energies collected, then we can start climbing out of the pit: the Ladder takes us upward, step by step. Don't let indecisiveness hinder you, traveler; walk through the beckoning Gate and find your opportunity.

Right now, traveler, the Lightning is crashing all about us. This is the critical energy that shakes things up, and it's given us an exquisite chance to own the fire and create quality in our lives. You have a Tongue, traveler: speak your truth and say it clearly so that others may hear. The Bell is calling our helpers to come to us; how many more wake-up calls do we need? And quit obsessively weighing that Cup to see if it's half empty or full - that merely distracts from the real work of manifesting a fair share, and sharing it with all. Cast your worries into the Sea and know that you can be Aspiring to the higher plane that lies beyond this one.

Let's look at the time frame of this unfolding Cycle: We're concerned now with resources at any level, but even as we speak, the energies support moving back into balance; we'll start seeing this in world trends by October 25-27. And then, with our sense of balance restored, we'll begin to grasp the lesson by the final days of October. Further unfolding will take place in the six weeks or so following the U.S. election. By the time of the next Summer Solstice, we'll find that our sense of security has a lot more substance to it.

Our self-image has been deeply challenged by this financial crisis, and outer forces are eclipsing our petty little attitudes. Don't let fear put you out of balance. This is bigger than any one of us, and yet individually we have what it takes to rise to the task.

So carry on, dear readers, and don't let the world's news get you down. Remember, we're still wading through the bass-ackwardness of Mercury Retrograde (hasn't it been a booger?) and that makes everything look even more topsy-turvy than it is. The good news, the retrograde ends by October 15, and I'll have a new CycleCast for your personal journeys over the next several weeks. So smile!

Want to know what's in your economic future? I can help ~ with my intuitive readings to illuminate your path. Email your request for a phone appointment to burchjan@gmail.com, or visit my website www.GeoGlowConsulting.com for more information.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Notable Quote: Barbara Ehrenreich on Power and Wealth

How many "wake-up calls" do we need, people - how many broken levees, drowned cities, depleted food pantries, people dead for lack of ordinary health care? We approach the end of the first decade of the twenty-first century in a bleak landscape cluttered with boarded-up homes and littered with broken dreams. ... Why don't we dare say it? the looting of America has gone on too long, and the average American is too maxed out, overworked, and overspent to have anything left to take. We'll need a new deal, a new distribution of power and wealth, if we want to restore the beautiful idea that was "America."

We could let this nation continue to fall apart, of course - dividing ever more clearly into the gated communities on the one hand and trailer parks and tenements on the other - until we eventually become one of those areas of the world prefixed by the mournful word former.

But I like to think we could find in our hearts some true ground for unity, some awareness of a common condition and collective aspiration. Maybe we could find it in an effort to restore America's lost glory - the beauty of our land before all the fences and sprawl, the respect we once enjoyed from people around the world. Or maybe we need to find it in the common threats we face, not only from the human enemies that our foreign policy has been breeding so prolifically but from the global challenge of climate change and shrinking supplies of water and oil. And maybe, someday, we would even regain the confidence to extend that sense of unity and connectedness to all of our fellow human beings, wherever they may reside on the planet.

~ Barbara Ehrenreich, from the introduction to This Land is Their Land, 2008.


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