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Monday, September 29, 2008

Those Red Bubble Products are Great!

From Red Bubble, I had a nice package arrive last week, bringing me the samples of my cards and prints that I ordered recently. This is a different site, from which anyone can purchase MY images on high-quality cards and prints - but I don't have to do the printing, packing, and shipping (which is nice:-) Now, knowing that my readers are smart shoppers and they won't buy unless they know what they're getting, I placed an order myself so that I could tell you how it works. I also wanted to see my work in these beautiful formats! Here's what I got:

These are the cards made from the four images I currently have posted. They're each slightly bigger than 4.5" x 6.5" and are printed on the thickest, brightest card stock you can imagine. At $3.85 per card if you order directly from the site, plus very reasonable shipping, I think it's a great buy. Plus, you can say you know the artist (me!).

Then, I had to see at least one of my images on my wall, so I ordered a laminated print of Our Lady of Abundance:

This beauty is about 14" by 17.5" and is ready for framing. Next time, I'll order a mounted print and receive a very reasonably-priced art piece that is ready to hang. This being my first order with Red Bubble, I was extremely pleased at how fast and easy the whole thing worked. Shipping costs for the total order were under $11, which is really good considering the cards came from Australia ~ and the whole thing arrived in 10 days from the time I placed my order. That's 10 calendar days, mind you! As a long-time catalog shopper, I've spent more $ and waited longer to have stuff arrive from two states over. You can see why I'm pleased and impressed with Red Bubble.

With the holiday season coming up, here's a source for unique and well-priced gifts. I have more images that I will be adding over the next few weeks, including one that will make a fine Yuletide card. You can preview and purchase them all at Jan's Cards and Prints.
So, I'd better get working at post those new images. They're not doing any good staying in my computer, eh?

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