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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Jan's Cards and Prints are Ready on RedBubble!

Greetings, friends and readers - Fall is in the air and the first days of September have given us some marvelous sunsets in Albuquerque. Fortunately I was out walking with my camera and I captured some of them. You'll see part of last Sunday's sunset as the new header on Jan's CycleCast Blog! That's a great thing about blogging - you can change your look any time you want. Keeping things fresh is a good idea, I always say.

What's more, I've made the sunset photo available for purchase as high-quality cards and prints!

Yes, I've completed another creative venture goal and established my art site at RedBubble! This is a marvelous enterprise for creative types to put their images on file, making them available to anyone who wants to purchase cards or prints - on demand! Here's how it works:

~Go to Jan's Cards and Prints, or click on the slide show that's near the top of my blog. I currently have two photos and two collage works available.

~At the site, you can see my gallery, and view a larger image (plus my comments) of each individual work.

~When you click on the *buy* button - it's safe, and you can close the window ithout ordering (but I hope you do order:-) - you can preview the work in various formats, such as cards, laminated prints, framed prints, etc. You can even see different matting and framing options. It's fun - try it!

~If you wish to order, just follow the instructions. Prices start at $3.85 for cards, and $19.25 for prints, which is great for work of this quality. I'm telling you, their prints are breath-taking! This is a secure site with a fine track record, and it's easy to use. Plus, I get a commission on each sale, so buying even a few cards helps me out.

~All products are printed on-demand and shipped from Australia, so it may take three weeks to receive your order. If you're ordering for gifts or special occasions (and these products would make great gifts!), be sure to order early. Note: I recently placed an order, and I was amazed at the reasonable shipping cost. As a long-time catalog shopper, I've usually paid the same or more to ship similar orders within the U.S.

One final note: I know there are many creative people reading this UpDate. If you'd like to use RedBubble to get your art or photos *out there* I say go for it! Sign-up is fairly easy, and they will ask if anyone referred you to the RedBubble site. Be sure to give my user name janburch - it helps me out, and one good turn deserves another!

I hope you'll enjoy seeing my pictures in full size and reading about them. Maybe a few will even find their way onto your walls, no? And be sure to keep following this blog, because I'm always working on stuff, so you can read all about it right here.

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