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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Interesting Times: CycleCast for Mercury Retrograde, September 24 through October 15, 2008

We're living in interesting times, fellow-travelers. I'm sure you've been following the news reports of all the turmoil in the political arena and the stock market. I hate to say I told you so, but my last CycleCast did predict a strong impulse to seek out and tell the truth ... I just didn't know it would be the ladies of The View who'd serve as front-runners in the truth brigade. Go, Barbara, Whoopi, and all!

Since the last CycleCast, there's also been the devastation of Hurricane Ike. Even though it's moved off the front page, we know the survivors have a long job ahead of them. Please hold our sisters and brothers in the hurricane zone in your thoughts and prayers. I know they didn't have the easy, peaceful personal time the last Cycle foretold (I don't think any of us had that!), but when I looked at the photos of the hurricane from space - it was a Circle. (See the September 4 CycleCast post if this reference escapes you.)

Now we're on the eve of Mercury Retrograde, fellow travelers. It begins in the early hours of September 24, at 1:17 am Mountain Time. And you all know what that means:-) Be prepared for communication foul-ups, electronic snafus, bugs in your interpersonal communications, and delays in the mail. Those are standard glitches that abound when Mercury travels backwards (from our viewpoint) on its journey around our Sun. I'll end this post by telling you some good things about this time.

Now, though, let me move on to the current CycleCast. I started forecasting in the previous Cycle for both the personal and the political weather, this being a significant election year. This time, when I turned over the cards, I saw immediately that, for now, the personal is political. I have one card reading which I'll interpret two ways:

The election weather finds us climbing the Tower, fellow-travelers, so we can get the big picture. The change that's coming is a good thing, and we are focusing our attention on the tasks ahead, at the same time as we reflect on what's gone behind. The Lamp shines bright, bringing wisdom to our truth-telling. Pay attention to the executive Chair and who is going to occupy it for the next four years. The Chest is not yet empty; some things still lie hidden from our gaze. The challenge now is to rip off the Mask, or at least integrate the essence behind it. We're still feeling the Indecision of the times; perhaps the Fire of passion will warm us up to taking a stand.

On the personal front, the same energies apply: It's a good time to reflect on where we've and where we hope to go. Know, traveler, that you have a wealth of understanding and wisdom - use it! It may be time to find your place, or at least clean up your desk and organize your files! What do you keep hidden, traveler? Maybe it's time to take out your treasure and show it to the world. Bring your passion into play, just for fun. And if you can't make up your mind about those big decisions that are staring you in the face, that's okay. Let it go until this Cycle ends and you'll know what you need to do when the time is right.

The energy pattern of this reading shows that we're being involved on all levels, fellow-travelers, so it's going to feel like there's a lot going on. And there is - you're not making it up! Strong involve the I Analyze - refined perception and seeing the truth - along with I Realize - enhanced perception along with being able to hold the subtleties of the truth we perceive. We won't be so easily fooled this time.

So, how can you make the most of this Cycle? You know Mercury Retrograde is not an auspicious time for starting new ventures or signing contracts. But life goes on - continue with your pre-arranged plans, and double-check all your communications. And, I love now to do the things that start with re- ... Reflect. Regroup. Revise. Research. And get ready, when the Cycle ends, to Renew!


Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

Jan, right on!!! I also feel what you have mentioned viscerally.

Aren't the ladies at THE VIEW FANTASTIC!!!

I also am wondering what the hidden truths are that have not come to the surface.

Hugs, JJ

Jan4insight said...

Thanks for commenting, JJ. We're living in interesting, so more will be revealed!


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