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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"I, Avatar" - my first appearance (with many others) on YouTube!

What's an avatar? It's an icon-picture used by folks who participate in social networking sites to identify their profile, posts, and so on. A lot of thought and creativity goes into selecting an avatar, because it becomes and expression of identity. This is (for now, avatars can be changed any time) my avatar:

And now, my avatar has become part of a video showing on YouTube! The story is, I've been part of the BlogCatalog (BC) social networking site for bloggers for some months now. When I joined, I had now idea how much it would change my life ~ my blog readership has increased and continues to grow, my blogging and general web-surfing skills have improved, and I've joined a worldwide worldwide community of interesting and outspoken folks that has become like an online family. Who knew?

Well, a few weeks ago, a BlogCatalog friend called polybore took it upon himself to create a video collage of avatars from the BC community. Interested folks gave their permission and submitted avatars, and we watched as the various drafts developed. The final version was released yesterday and here is the link:


(Notes to the video-phobic: the video run time is under 4 minutes, and it plays automatically. There is a pause button in the lower left corner of the video frame, so you can stop it if you wish. But give it a try - it won't hurt you!)

Whenever I watch this creation, I swear I get tears in my eyes! I mean, I know these folks: we have shared our triumphs and pratfalls in blogging and in life; played silly Internet games and shared the results; given support to those who've gone through traumatic events like the recent hurricanes; and debated politics ad infinitem. And since most of these discussions take place late at night no matter what the time zone, I've found a community of night owls like myself - bloggers do tend to be an obsessive bunch, after all.

So, take a few minutes out of your web-surfing to sit back and enjoy the video. If you are a blogger, or are thinking about becoming one, why not hop on over to BlogCatalog and sign up to join us. And for those who would like to comment but aren't part of YouTube, leave your comments here and I will forward them on to polybore and the BC folks.

Thank you, polybore!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jan. Not knowing anyone but you in the piece it was interesting how he put it all together telling something of everyone. I look forward to seeing more.

Joy said...

Jan, that is a nice collage of faces. The middle one looks like it is a "watch face". Neat! I didn't make it into the video this time. Maybe next time I will submit if I have a mug shot other than a coffee mug.

Jan4insight said...

Thanks, both of you for commenting. This video was a popluar project!

Craftymug - I like your "mug" shot, so don't be shy about showing it off when the time comes!


Anonymous said...

Blog Catalog? What's that? Seriously, I'll have to check that out--surprised I didn't hear about it. Then, unlike you I haven't been particularly creative with my avatars, and, in fact, just about all have probably involved copyright infringement (much as people love the SuperGrover one...)

Jan4insight said...

Dr. Jay, I liked your Bob Dylan avatar the best:-)


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