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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Here's a chance to do some good...

Greetings, fellow-travelers ~ I'm using this post to pass on to you an email I received today from my friend Shirley Scott, a very fine animal psychic whom I've gotten to know through the Whole Expo and online. Shirley has a request that I thought deserved a wider audience than my little inbox, so here it is:

None of us like long drawn out emails, so I’ll make this quick. I need your help to open a new kind of Animal Shelter. It’s going to be a Rescue Ranch. Click here to see the whole vision http://www.animalrescueranch.com/main/vision.cfm.

The Ranch will be about rescuing and saving animals and trying to re-adopt them, education, spirituality, communication, living and dying in love and grace and helping heal animals as well as people. The shelters will be powered by wind, solar or water. It will become self-sufficient shelter with pet workshops, weddings, funerals, a cemetery, birthday and anniversary celebrations and more. Click here to see the whole vision http://www.animalrescueranch.com/main/vision.cfm.

This is going to be a place that gives back to you, when you give. Please join me in giving what you can to make this Ranch a reality and help save animals from every walk of life. Please click here http://www.animalrescueranch.com/main/vision.cfm
and then hit the donate button to give. Check out what the sponsors get too!

Please pass this email on to everyone you know. I have my non-profit status from the state of Washington and now I'm working on getting the one from the IRS, which takes months, but there are a lot of reasons to give now. Visit our donation page at http://www.animalrescueranch.com/main/donate.cfm to see them all. Thank you for reading this email, for passing it on and for giving to the animals so they will have a home and a voice in the future.

Blessings, Shirley Scott

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