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Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Treasure Map for Me, and for You

The winds of change* have been a little hard on me this past week, fellow-travelers. I've been down so long, it feels like up to me. What's a traveler to do during those times? The best thing is to turn one's attention to what works. So I sat down at my collage table, and made this colorful Treasure Map:

A Treasure Map is a special type of collage that is like a visual affirmation. The map-maker collects images that reflect the fulfillment of a goal, vision, or dream, then arranges the pictures on a backing-board and pastes everything down. Lots of old magazines (I scavenge at the public library) and glue sticks have been used in this process! And I can't resist embellishing everything with glitter, stickers, and metallics.

Looking at the picture above, do the images mean anything? Yes, they do. When I'm down and out, I also do card readings for myself. Even professional intuitives need to hear some guiding wisdom from the Universe! I used a special card deck called the Russian Gypsy Cards, which I only use for my personal readings. I took the most positive energies from the reading, and translated them into the visuals. Here is what they told me:

  • The Bouquet means receiving $$$$$.
  • The Ship means success in trade or ventures.
  • The Lady means gentle support from friends.
  • The House means success in projects.
  • The Angel means divine guidance.
  • The Bridge shows a path to a happy future.
  • The Heart means troubles aren't as serious as they fear.
  • The Star means a guiding star, and that worthwhile ideas and efforts will bring success if pursued.

My first ventures at Treasure Mapping really took off when I began doing it with a group. We'd spread our picture stash on a big table, hand out the scissors, cardboard, and glue, and get going. It was amazing how silence reigned in this otherwise talkative group during the construction of the Treasure Maps. After about an hour, we'd finish our creations, and show and discuss them with each other. I always felt so much better about my journey after this process.

The group, sadly, is no longer active though we still keep in touch. Looking back, I can that these gatherings were the springboard for my collage career. Taking classes refined my skills, but the old Treasure Map nights gave me the "Aha" that said I can do this.

The Treasure Map I did for this post tells me that, even though I'm not getting immediate strokes for my efforts, I'm on the right path. That is very reassuring, and I need constant reminders because I'm someone who thrives on immediate gratification! Which reminds me of another feature of the Treasure Maps: you have to see them every day. Many a Treasure Map has been posted in someone's bathroom, or hung over the bedroom dresser. I still have maps from three or four years agog this Treasure Map as a gift to anyone who needs a guiding star to follow right now. posted around my house. And now that I have a digital file of this image, it's brilliantly displayed on my computer's desktop background.

If this image speaks to you, feel free to use it for a similar purpose. I am giving you permission to download and use this, and only this, image, for personal, uplifting purposes. (But don't sell it, please - that's tacky - however, if you do find a way to make $ from it, let me know:-) I'm offering this Treasure Map as a gift to anyone who needs a guiding star to follow right now. Enjoy, and please let me know how you've let it help you.


*Winds of change: see the Empty Vessel CycleCast dated August 17.


Nick Grimshawe said...

Hi Jan,

Thanks, now I have a new tool, Treasure Mapping. I love the idea and I will get to work on one for myself.

Thanks for sharing with us.


Anonymous said...

I came here via your posting to the extreme journalism group and I am delighted that I did. The collage is wonderful - a great collection of imagery beautifully put together. The bonus, of course, is learning how this works and what the images mean to you..gives it that much more depth. Plus I now have a new technique to try - thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Jan,

Interesting blog!! Need to spend more time browsing through your blog to learn more on this interesting subject. Thank you.

Jane B. said...

Jan, saw your post on Extreme Journalism and had to come over and see what a Treasure Map is - very interesting and approachable! I also really liked your "When all else fails, take a bath" collage! Beautiful imagery juxtaposition. Thank you for sharing. Jane


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