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Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Empty Vessel: CycleCast for Now through September 5, 2008

Did you feel the energy shift yesterday, fellow-travelers? I sure did - right around 4 pm, just as the lunar eclipse was about to happen by Mountain Time (4:16 pm, to be exact), my mood lifted, as if a cool breeze had carried away all the old doubts and worries. Of course, a thunderstorm had just passed through my area, and that always brings a refreshing change of mood to the high desert where I live.

That's a good analogy to these energy cycles: The pressure builds up. The thunder and lightning crash. The rains drenches the ground. And then, as the sun comes out, we breathe in the fresh, cool air with a sigh of pleasure. AAaaahhh:-)

So now we're in a new Cycle, travelers, and this one is definitely going to bring changes. Your outer circumstances may be the same, but when it's over you'll feel very different on the inside. Remember, a change in Cycle always brings with it the hope for a better future, so here's how to walk through the next couple of weeks:

We start with a fresh beginning, ready to explore new spaces. Use your clear-seeing Eye to guide you, traveler; it's a gift you've earned from your latest challenges. Like the Magician, you have a choice: you can make things happen, or simply allow them. Now we can sail on the Winds of Change: with the Sand under our feet, we're ready to flow in all directions.

So, where to next, fellow-travelers? If all that wind and change and sand gets to be too much, you may be tempted to dig a Hole and crawl in it. Better to see it as a vase, or the Taoists' Empty Vessel. Like an empty vase, be ready to receive new input and stay open to all of the possibilities.

Life is but a journey, and for these few weeks, we don't need to know where we're going. The important thing is to have fun getting there! This CycleCast is in effect now through September 5, with a peak on August 25-26.

Shameless Self-Promotion:
Where are the winds of change taking you? These CycleCasts are terrific guides, but they are generalized to apply to everyone. For the times when you need a better road-map, my Intuitive Readings are just the thing. To request a reading, send an e-mail to burchjan@gmail.com. For more information about holistic consulting services, visit my website, www.GeoGlowConsulting.com. You'll be glad you did!

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