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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Eclectica By Jan - Grand Opening Announcement!

You've been hearing about it for weeks, fellow-travelers, and I've been working on it for months, and now it's happened ... drum roll ... tah-dah! My Etsy shop, Eclectica By Jan, is now open with ~13~ fabulous items for sale! And most of them are made by hand - by me! I am offering a selection of crocheted afghans and wearables, along with a set of note cards (and more to come), plus my signature tabletop labyrinths. Rounding out my offerings are five vintage patterns from my long-time collection.

You can see a sample of my wares in the sidebar to the right. Everything in that cool little widget is linked, so you can easily get to my shop from here.

Just so you know - Etsy is a website that supports artisans in selling their original, handcrafted goods online. I owe my friend and visual journaling teacher Juliana Coles a big ~thank you~ for first telling me about it. I'm finding that Etsy is not only a store, it's becoming a much-welcomed community in my life. And just think, every time you buy handmade from an artisan, you're helping to break the corporate stranglehold!

For the registration-shy among my readers, I can tell you that you don't need to register or log in to my view my shop, or surf the Etsy website (warning: it's mildly addictive). You do need to register to give me a heart (that means mark as a favorite), or contact me on the site - both of which are always appreciated. You definitely need to register to buy from me - and that's not a bad idea, either:-) In any case, Etsy is good about keeping e-mail to a minimum. The only emails I've gotten from them have been directly related to my business. So you don't have to worry about getting your inbox flooded. Just saying, because I know some of you are very protective of your computer space.

So where do I go from here, now that the big push to get the shop open is complete? Well, after I catch up on basic things like laundry and getting bills paid, I have more projects in mind. It may not be cool to say this, but for me there's something about having my works out there in a public forum that is a huge stimulant to creativity. And I really do hope they sell - I can't say I'm not in it for money. The second income will be very welcome to me, and may it continue. But I'm even more passionate about the creative process.

I'm now working on some prototypes for new crochet accessories with a lot a sparkle in them. Ladies, watch for some dazzling crochet wraps that will really zing up your party wardrobe. Another idea is to make some embellished clothing and table mats, and may be even boots, dressed up with rhinestones and other bling - pure fun. (Did I tell you I like sparkly things?) And there are always more afghans to be made.

Now I'd like to thank the models who helped me. My friend Anne is in several of the photos you'll see in the sidebar, with larger views on my Etsy shop page. And least but not least, my feline assistant Luvlee added her perspective to this view of the Candy Hearts Vest:

I really like this picture because I think the colors harmonize so well. I had to crop it to use in my Etsy gallery, but here's the full shot showing (almost) all of Luvlee.

Just like this blog, Eclectica By Jan will always be changing and growing. So bookmark, add to your favorites, subscribe to the RSS feed, get on my email contact list, or however you want - just remember, you can always keep coming back!


Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

What a super photo. I have four cats and they keep me hopping. :D

Super congrats on your store. I used to knit and crochet up a storm and loved every minute of it. I appreciate all the hard work you must be putting into your beautiful handwork.

You are able to give me advice that calms my spirit. :D Isn't it great when you know you have figured out what the word "wisdom" means. :D

Hugs, JJ

Zombie Money said...

nice cat :)

PussDaddy said...

Your kitty is so pretty!



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