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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bye-bye, Zimbio

A while back I started a topic category called My Blogosphere, to cover my adventures in going from Web-avoidant to full-on blogger in a matter of months. May I confess, I had an ulterior motive - to educate my face-to-face friends who are ignorant of blogs, non-blog, or anti-blog. If I got too pushy, travelers, my apologies, but you really ought to check it out: IMO, blogs are the most exciting thing on the Internets;-)

IMO is blog-speak for "in my opinion"
Internets is G.W.Bush-speak for "the Internet."
;-) is a smile with a wink!

To get back on topic, part of my journey took me to two social-network sites for bloggers: BlogCatalog.com and Zimbio.com. The rest is history - my nightowl habits fit perfectly with obsessive bloggers around the world who stay up to all hours, posting discussion topics and surfing each others' blogs. Through it all, my knowledge of blogging has expanded, my blog has become more colorful and (hopefully) improved, and my readership has increased. Heck, I didn't even know how to track my readership before I joined the social-nets. And it has all come from BC, or BlogCatalog, as we affectionately call it.

Zimbio gave me a really pretty profile page, and my blog posts looked gorgeous in their site, but I've gotten no readers - maybe one view from Zimbio in all the time I've been tracking. So I'm out of there. I deleted my Zimbio button from the sidebar last night, and now I'm heading over to remove my blog from Zimbio's listings. Sometimes you have to cut away what doesn't suit you, as the latest CycleCast has said. Because it's all about getting readers.

And, I am ready to go to the next level of readership. Right now I'm averaging 9 readers a day, and I'm aiming for the double-digits. Yes! 100 readers a day! That's not out reach, and I will be exploring other linking means to bring up my blog's visibility. Meanwhile, you, my dear readers, can help me. See the little icon - it looks like an envelope - in the lower-right corner of each post? Click on that and you can e-mail the post to any of your friends! Surely you know folks who are interested in the CycleCasts, or the handcraft journey, or the political ruminations. Or, you can subscribe to my e-mail UpDate letters, and forward those on to your friends. It's easy, it helps me out, and expands our community in this little corner of the Blogosphere.

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