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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Blocks on Ice: CycleCast for now through August 24, 2008

The universe is laughing at me, fellow-travelers. Ever since I wrote that CycleCast about how everything was going to be wonderful (see the August 1 post), we've more turmoil in the world: earthquakes, church shooting, hurricanes, climbers lost in the Himalaya, the FBI back in the news and looking the worse for it, and, in a bizarre turn of events, a politician and a celebrity in the battle of the TV ads (so far the celebrity is winning).

But you know what, there's always turmoil in the world. And there's always good, too. The energies I wrote about, our turning point, still holds. It's just that we have some work to do to get there. So, for those of you who are gritting your teeth in frustration because things aren't floating smoothly towards satori (we are between eclipses, you know), here's a CycleCast for the next couple weeks to let you know this too shall pass:

The Block is back, fellow-travelers. We have obstacles in our way - for the umpteenth time, it seems like. Is it asking for a Token of appreciations before we can pass? Be grateful, travelers, because it's just a block of Ice - so we can see
clearly what needs to be done, or simply let it melt away.

The path ahead of us has two forks. The shortest way leads to the Powder: Short and sweet, but we'll get worn down to a fine dusty essence if we go through this mill. Better to take up our Wand on the second road, and shoot the Arrow straight towards our goal. That's how we'll find the key to unlock the gate across our path.

What it all means, dear readers, is that this CycleCast is all about attitude, which (by the way) is the only thing we can control, and the mental shifts we need to make in order to work through our challenges. We're definitely in mid-Cycle now (that always feels like slogging), and challenges abound. This is perfectly normal for the two-week period between eclipses. And, also normal for this progression in the moon's journey, is that we'll shortly move out of the hard phase of the challenge and shift into the Ah-Hah mode that signals the answer. Be careful what you ask for, however, for we'll be grabbing onto some strong manifesting energy in the coming weeks. Keep your thoughts clear, and know that it's all going be good.

This CycleCast has been in effect since the August 1 solar eclipse. The energies will reach their first peak on August 12-13 with the moon in Capricorn, and peak again with the lunar eclipse on August 16. For a few days afterward, we'll have some time to wind up this manifesting energy, with the Cycle concluding on August 24. Never fear, I'll have more blog posts before then, so mark this site and keep coming back!


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Jan4insight said...

Thank you, Aslam, for featuring me and my blog. Fellow-travelers, you can see the pretty green "Best Blog" widget right at the top of the sidebar. Click that, and it will take you to Aslam's blog!


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