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Friday, August 1, 2008

Turning to the Illumination: A Big, Fat CycleCast for now into 2009

The question I put to my guides when I sat down to do this reading, fellow-travelers, was this: Give me a big, fat CycleCast about the light that is now coming into the world, and tell us what we are to do with it. I'm not too demanding, or anything. The answer I received shows that we are, right now, gazing at the moon:

A note about this collage: I made it in December of last year, and have considered it unfinished since then. I didn't even date it, which is unusual for me. I always intended to do my typical job of embellishing with metallic pens, glitter, whimsy, and all kinds of sparkly stuff. Finally I realized that I haven't gotten a "round tuit" for a good reason - the collage is finished ... at least for now! So it is officially dated from today. It's untitled, but when I see it I think, as the late, great Mae West said, When all else fails, take a bath.

Back to the CycleCast: The cards indicate that we are at a major - and hopeful - turning point. Fulfillments are everywhere: in wanting, in feeling, in caring, interacting, realizing .... Now, I always consider turning points a good thing. (I wanted to call this reading "The End of the Kali Yuga," but my guides wouldn't let me. They allowed "The Rehearsal for the End of the Kali Yuga," instead.) It appears, however, that we are coming to the End of Materialism, and a new beginning for us as a species to behave like caretakers - not plunderers - of our planet.

The interesting thing about this turning point is that we won't be starting over from square one. We enter this new Cycle with both feet running, hitting our stride with confidence because, after all, we've been around the block a few times. We'll have the help of tremendous universal energies shining on us, empowering us to embrace the changes we know we need to make, with grace and joy. Here's how it maps out:

  • We've eaten our fill of the Cake, fellow-travelers; one more bite would land us in the Coffin. But the Eye that sees clearly draws us back from the brink. Maybe we need to get out that Siphon, and release some of the old to make way for Change and progress. Who's the Mover this time?
  • Ahead, we proudly wear the Pearl to help us use our power rightly. Spread your Wings, travelers, and take up the Wand of potential. Detachment with love powers this Independence movement. If you can't fly that high, carefully wield the Knife to cut away what does not suit. Take hold of the Handle, and get things started!
  • Now the Moon lights up our longing, illuminating our magnetism and instinct for all that is good. Grasp the shiny Ring and win the challenge of how we join our energies with others. The Candle lights our way up the Mountain: is this what we've been Reaching for, all along?
  • It helps a weary traveler to float in the warm, understanding Sea. Don't linger too long in that Cave, however; we got the insight the last time around, and now it's time to take it out into the world. Exchange your Tokens with intent and gratitude: that's the only prayer that is needed.

This CycleCast is in effect now through mid-December, with the main energy peak being around November 26. Additional peaks will come in late winter and early spring of 2009. But don't worry, fellow-travelers, there will be other Cycles coming along in the interim, and I will be here to report them. I'll also continue posting on this theme of Being the Change we want to see in the World. It's our time, and the time is now.


Jan 4 Insight said...

Folks, forgive me, I've so been involved with getting my Etsy shop open that a big celestial event slipped past me. For all the writing I've been doing about the moon, the recent Solar Eclipse blew right past me! It occurred early on the morning of August 1, at 4:13 am in my Mountain time zone. That means we have a lunar eclipse coming in two weeks - August 16 in the U.S.

Eclipse intervals ramp up the power of the energy weather that is going on at the time. As you can see from my CycleCast, we are on the cusp of some tremendous change toward the light. Many other forecasters have been noting this.

Let's all use this time to bring in the good! We can do it!

Neda said...

Hi Jan! I just got back from my long trip overseas and had to visit you. I LOVE that collage! May the end of summer bring lots of sparkle!


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