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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Happy Birthday, Luvlee!

Today is a very special day: my cat Luvlee is nine years young today! At least, we think so - it's the birthday shown on her adoption papers, and therefore represents the best guess we limited humans can make make about the day this sweet being came into the world.

So, Luvlee had a fine day of: napping, sitting in the sun watching birds, sleeping, getting brushed by Mom, snoozing, getting treats to eat (including turkey when Mom opened a package of lunch meat - yum!), chasing string, dozing, and just generally having a lovely day at being a Luvlee cat.
Life wasn't always this nice for Luvlee. Something really bad happened to her when she just a little cat. There are old injuries evident in her lower back, left hip, and left knee. We don't know exactly what happened, but we can guess that some human wasn't nice to Luvlee. Fortunately, the injuries don't slow her down, for although she often limps, Luvlee can run and jump with the best of them. When it comes to pouncing on things, Luvlee is an Ace Chaser!
It's hard for me to believe that it was five years (seems like a week) ago when Luvlee came into my life, as a foster cat from the Albuquerque Cat Action Team. The wonderful folks of ACAT are dedicated to making life better for cats and their humans. They ensure that all cats and kittens who come into their care are adopted or fostered into safe, loving homes. I signed up to be a foster mom when I was "between cats," and not sure if I wanted a full-time kitty. Well, Luvlee took care of that decision for me. I believe we bonded, Luvlee and I, before we even met. I know that I felt the connection when I was first told about her.
Thank goodness Luvlee was rescued from the bad situation that caused her injuries. She was adopted by an ACAT family before me, living three happy years with them. But then they had to move, and could not take her, so she went back to ACAT. This transition was tough on her. By the time she finally came to my home, Luvlee was not a happy camper. No, sir! But she quickly settled in.
I made a point of giving her Jin Shin Jyutsu energy, at first to help her calm down and feel secure in her new home, and then to help ease the residue of the old injuries. Now her bedtime ritual is to climb on my lap for her daily dose of petting, ear rubbing, and - only if she thinks she needs it - Jin Shin Jyutsu. After a little energy balancing, she hops off my lap and heads over to her food dish, happily munching away at the food she had turned up her nose to all day. Yeah, Jin Shin Jyutsu is good for balancing the appetite. Owners of food-finicky cats, take note.
So, as this Luvlee day ends (with a peaceful snooze right now - but there will be more string-chasing later on, mark my words), I just want to say Thank You to the Universe, the gods of Kat Karma, and whatever good fortune was guiding us both, for bringing this furry bundle of love into my life. Happy birthday, Luvlee, and may you have many more years of sunny birdwatching.

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Joy said...

Ahhh, tell Luvlee Happy Birthday for me.


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