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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Full Moon CycleCast for now through July 28, 2008

Fellow-travelers, behold the lovely roses in this photo, which I took at the Albuquerque Rose Garden last May. The Rose represents our central challenge as we move into this new Cycle: allow the perfection to unfold naturally. I'll explain more in a bit.

We're just a few days past that extraordinary full moon, and I have a new CycleCast to describe the nature of the energy blast we're getting from it. The high we get from this Cycle will last through July 28, so use the coming week to begin practicing the accentuate the positive theme that will carry us through the summer and into the fall.

We are literally changing the relationship of our human species with Gaia, the earth - and Gaia is more than the earth; she is the living eco-being made up of earth, wind, water, stars, and all creatures who live on this globe. It seems every level has been part of a community since the beginning - except for us. Humanity as a whole has held out, choosing separation under the delusion that we are somehow "special."

Except for some us, like me and you, fellow-travelers, who have long recognized - and yearned for - our connection with the whole. Now our species is waking up, and I think many of us on the path are feeling downright giddy to sense this wave of evolve-ment taking place. Finally, it's beginning.

What do the cards say? First, there's a lot going on; all of the energy levels are represented in this reading. We wind up some old cycles with a sense of fulfillment, and immediately start over again. Much of it involves circumstances beyond our control, as well as destiny. And running through it all is a thread of: What will I be when I grow up?

We're ready to put down Roots, fellow-travelers, for we realize how we've looked at Gaia herself as the Wanderer, always elusive and out of reach. The Impulse to bring forth the Enlightening truth comes like a bolt out of the blue.

Way way back, we struggled under that Cross we thought we had to carry. Magicians tried to manipulate their way to heaven. Now the Rain has come and drenched the fires of cunning, the hubris which has driven us to tear up our poor planet so we could live as we thought kings should. Grieve for the creatures who have lost their lives so we could carry our groceries home in plastic bags. Take a break, start fresh, and then pick up the Wand once more - wielding it this time with the empowered will that is aligned with the harmony of the universe.

Look ahead to be the Child playing in the Rose garden. Want perfection? Prepare the ground, plant the seed, water and feed it. That's all you have to do; the lovely Rose will bloom on its own. And hidden somewhere in this garden is the Key, the one that opens the Chest filled with treasure. We'll know the next right thing do when the time comes to do it.

Don't plant your feet, traveler; instead keep a shifting footing because the Sand is always subject to change. Run free with joy; this Fountain is bubbling over. Then use the Ice to cool down and see clearly the next step on the path. Some of us will keep on Reaching for our stars; and if you really want to take on the challenges of this time, you can grind yourself down into a fine golden Powder and re-create anew. It's all good.


Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

What a lovely post!!! My rose has started to bloom late in life. It must have needed some pretty deep roots but I am definitely blossoming. It goes to show one that you never know what tomorrow will bring. Now if I can only keep on top of all the changes. I'm on shifting sand.

Hugs, JJ

Jan4insight said...

Thank you for comment, JJ. I can see that you're really "getting" what the CycleCasts are all about!


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