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Friday, July 18, 2008

Did You See that Full Moon Last Night?

This month's full moon happened officially at 1:59 am in my Mountain time zone, so the time to see - and feel it - was last night. About 9:15 pm, I saw the moon glowing through the clouds and tree branches in my back yard. Feeling pulled by the great positive energy coming from this moon, I went outside to receive, and welcome, its grace. I literally opened my arms to the moon's light, and said, "Bring it in, bring it on..." Not very elegant for a ritual, I admit, but simplicity and sincerity - they work. And since my neighbors already know I'm weird, there's nothing to worry about in that department.

After receiving a generous dose of the moon's light, and being called to return to the usual household hubbub, I went back inside. A few minutes later, the clouds closed in and it rained cats and dogs for a good while. The monsoon season is full swing in New Mexico right now, and it's been a soggy week or two.

Grace: that is the theme of this time. Despite the tremendous challenges we are facing now on our planet, universal light and grace are coming in by the bucketloads. Many spiritual teachers, visionaries, and mystics are noting this. The link below shows one wise teacher's explanation, and it rings true for me. I have been feeling it myself, and I've started preparing a new CycleCast to further understand the significance of this particular full moon energy. It will take a day or two to get it posted, so come back soon. But I'll give you a hint: We are entering the Sea of Birth, which brings forth new things. Look toward the East, where the new dawn brings opportunity.



Artists With Artitude said...

When I was little, on the first appearance of the new moon, my Mom and I would go to the balcony overlooking the Mediterranean sea. She would close her eye, hold my hand, and then open them to catch the first glimpse of the moon. She always said that seeing it with me like that brought her luck. Thank you for reminding me of these tender moments of my life :)

Jan4insight said...

What a lovely story, Neda. It sounds like your Mom has spent a lifetime bringing light and grace into the world.

Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

What a beautiful, interesting post!!! The moon was orange that night and Jeff and I both saw it glowing through the trees like you did. He drew my attention to it. I'm glad I didn't miss this special one.

My most special moon moments are when the daffodils glow back in the spring. I want to dance across the dewy grass and soak up all the moonbeams I can during that time.:D


Jan4insight said...

JJ, I'm glad you got to see the beautiful full moon. I hope you have many nights of soaking up moonbeams to come!


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