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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Blocks and Leaves: CycleCast for now through July 24, 2008

Mea culpa, fellow-travelers, I've left you without a CycleCast since the last one ended on July 7. It's my bad, I know, but I trust we are doing fine with the energies of putting-to-work-our-lessons-learned that came with the last cycle. And by the way, did everyone have a happy, safe, and sane Fourth of July weekend? I hope so.

The theme of this CycleCast is Building Blocks and Leaves. That's why I've included this picture of the labyrinth - it has lots of green leaves, a block-shaped center stone, and the formation itself represents foundation. Yes, foundation - that's what we're moving towards in this Cycle, even though some challenges await us on the path.

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We swim into this Cycle with the grace of the Swan, fellow-travelers, and continue to Wander forward along our path. There's been a turning point, something has died to make way for rebirth; we must seal the Coffin before the new energy can be born.

Ahead of us, the Star of Aspiration beckons us to move beyond our limitations, reaching for the stars. But what's that Block doing here again? Don't stumble over it, traveler; instead, put your gardening skills into play. Yes, this Block is a foundation for new energy to emerge; add some compost and watch that fresh, new Leaf sprout forth.

Right now, the question is: which face do you wear, the one of tragedy or of comedy? We're all Laughing at the whole comic opera in which we find ourselves. But remember the challenge of the Mask: that which is hidden must sooner or later be revealed.

It helps to prepare the soil and make sure your Roots are firmly planted, for how else can that green emergence take place? Don't get lost in the Fog; shine a light to see the way clearly - but remember that if the Fog does roll in, just sit still for a while - it will always lift in its own time.

How can we resolve the challenges we face in this Cycle? We may be called to make or renew a commitment. This is a good thing; remember, the Chain can link, not just bind. Overcoming limits and dealing with authority is part of the practice of this Cycle. It takes a little bit of Patience, but when you hear the Thunder calling you'll know it's time to make up your mind and go for it. Fly straight like the Arrow to your next goal. Or, if the sky is quiet, just float like the Swan across the Pool of reflection and tranquility.

This CycleCast is in effect now through July 24; the energies peak with the moon in Capricorn on July 15 through 17. The photograph shows a labyrinth I constructed at a house I lived in during my Silver City, New Mexico, days of the mid-1990s.

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