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Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Sun is Up: Summer Solstice CycleCast for June 20, 2008, and Beyond - Part I

Part I:

Here comes the sun, fellow-travelers. As I write, the Summer Solstice - the longest day of the year - is less than eighteen hours away, and appropriately enough, my adopted home town of Albuquerque has been baking under lots of sun. It's always a turning point when this Solstice shifts us from the waxing to the waning half of the year. And that's what the cards tell us; for in this CycleCast, we're getting a fresh start:

We come to this Cycle with our Blocks in hand, travelers. Good news: All that practice in solving problems has transformed our obstacles into building blocks; we've used them to construct a solid foundation and now we can reach for the Crown. At first we built on Sand, and when that felt shaky, we wallowed in the Mud - maybe even made a few mud pies! Now the shining Sun has hardened our resolve into good, earthy adobe. Let's pile up a few bricks so we can journey through the Tunnel to find our true selves.

How do we make that leap into the confident future? Somewhere between Clear Seeing and Focused Reaching, we'll get the Impulse to simply do it. Take a deep breath, because we're going to float freely with the Air, moving across our world in every direction, without limits.

I've been seeing this trend in the CycleCasts for a few months now - a sense of really mastering the lessons and challenges we struggled with earlier in the year. This reading, in particular, contains themes of working for the collective good. The energies expressed here are centered on the Aquarian archetype of expressing our highest hopes, going beyond our own limitations, and striving towards freedom for all. So, fellow-travelers, go forth with radiance, vitality, and optimism - and shine your light like the Sun.

Postscript: The time frame for this CycleCast is now through July 2, with the energies peaking this weekend, June 20-22. Coming soon, Part II of this CycleCast will take us a few more days into July. Keep coming back, as my posts are always changing!

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