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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Roll Up Your Sleeves: Summer Solstice CycleCast Part II, now through July 2, 2008

Fellow-travelers, we're still floating on that sunny optimism I wrote about in the previous CycleCast, Summer Solstice Part I. Only now, even as we head into mid-summer's holiday weekend (for the USA), we'll be feeling a bit more serious. It's time to take those lessons we've practiced, and the energies we've been playing with, and use them to serve the world.

This CycleCast has a sixth-house theme of refining what we express, making use of our energy, and the kinds of work and service we perform. This sounds like we have buckle down and put our nose to grindstone (now try to work in that position!), but in fact, there are some laughing stars shining a playful light over the whole Cycle. We get to work , serve, and have fun while doing it. What could be better? Oh yeah - getting paid for it. That may come in the next Cycle. In the meantime, do what you love and know that the money will follow.

The light of the Sun follows us into the Tunnel, fellow-travelers. Come out the other side Bowing before the divine that lies within us all. Wander around for a time, traveler, and Laugh your way into the Key of your heart. Put this realization to good use, serving the greater good for all.

This is no time to waffle, traveler: Just follow your Impulse and do it. Flow with the Water; your open mind and heart will receive the clues you need to follow. If you can't stand the heat, cool your passions with the Snow.

This CycleCast carries us through the coming weekend, culminating with the Virgo moon of July 6-7. Before we break for the Fourth of July weekend, I'll have couple of posts with a red-white-and-blue theme. Be safe.

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