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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Red Robe and Green Frog: Here's my blog's new look!

You fellow-travelers who've been following my posts for a while have noticed my blog's new look, I'm sure. For those who just joined the ride, I formerly had a plain, black, boring background for the title and header. :-/ And now - here's this beautiful lady - her name is Kwan Yin - peeking out from her velvet robe to greet us.;-) Quite an improvement, I'd say, and she hopes you agree with me.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and you'll see another image. There's a sweet little green frog saying thank you for visiting.

I've been inspired to update my blog by hanging around the discussion groups of Blog Catalog, an online community of bloggers who network to support each other. It's been tons of fun, and I've learned a lot about blog design, the blogosphere, and life in general. Plus, I've gotten more proficient at clicking on things and dragging icons and all that. Just don't ask me to copy and paste something into my browser - I still haven't mastered that arcane procedure.

The images in this blog-redecorating project were made by me; they are crops from my stash of collage and visual journal pages. I made this post to show you the full image, and share my thoughts on creating it. So here goes:

The Kwan Yin picture dates from January 4, 2006. It was part of a series I made during that holiday season. For twelve nights, beginning December 24, 2005, I recorded my dreams each night. The following day I made a collage based on the previous night's dream. Yes, I have a collection of 12 awesome collages, and one of these days I'll figure out what to do with, besides posting them to my blog. To further add to the motive behind this work, I was guided by a lesson given to me by a friend who's a follower of Rudolph Steiner. According to his theory, by doing this exercise you invoke the archetypal seasonal energies that cycle through the year. This picture invokes energy of Taurus, the Cosmic Spirit, and is the guiding energy for right now: May 16 through June 16. That's all I've ever done with Steiner and anthroposophy, but I'm happy with the collage collection that came from it.

Turning now to the green collage below, this is one of my more recent pieces. It was made when I was recovering from the rotten cold-and-flu I came down with this spring. After a couple weeks of staying in bed with a cough, one day I felt a smidge better! Wondering what to do with my newfound (and still fragile) energy, I surveyed my options: do laundry - pay bills - clean up the kitchen - all things that had been left hanging while I was sick. Knowing I had just enough energy for just one task, I chucked the "do" list and fed my soul instead. I went to my work area and made this collage.

It was quick and easy: I pulled some pages from my "messy" book (loose-leaf sheets of artist paper for quick collage warm-ups), grabbed some images and embellishments from my stash, and took a random prompt from a guidebook in my collection. The prompt read, "Where is your true home?" and it came from a workshop booklet by Juliana Coles. Mix all these ingredients together, add some paint, and voila: a new collage. I can't tell you what it means, but I find it soothing to look at, and it makes me happy.

Now where's the green frog? He's sitting on the gold leaf that comes in from the middle left of the picture. You may be able to see him better in the enlargement at the bottom of the page.

Like any publisher, I'm always eager for feedback on the revisions I've made. The pictures are the splashiest change, but also notice I've got some new features on the right-hand column. You techno-types will be most familiar with the blog links, badges, and so on, but everyone take a look. My blog won't bite (pun intended). And this is as fancy as I get. I'll leave the video clips and such to my blogging comrades who are braver than I. As always, I love your feedback, especially posted to the Comments button right below here. And that's enough about me; what are you fellow-travelers up to these days?


Anonymous said...

Thats a positive move . I always keep looking for some new features and tweaks for my blogger template . This one looks good as well .

Anonymous said...

Hi Jan,

Michael here from Emarketscout.

I like your new style.

And The Goddess of Mercy suits your blog well.

I learned about Kwan yin some years ago from a Thai girlfriend.

The girl is gone but Kwan yin stayed with me ...

Keep the good work up


Gretchen said...

Wow good for your persaverance! I found your blog. We are both in a group together. I like what I see. I look forward to spending more time reading your blog. From one of the Tribe.


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