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Saturday, June 7, 2008

It's Good to be Back Home: Post-Expo CycleCast for Right Now

A big thank-you to Anne, Nick, Krista and the rest of the Whole Expo staff for their continued great work in producing these shows !

I'm been back from the Whole Expo for some time now, and I've nearly finished the usual post-show regrouping (it can take a couple weeks, for me), so I'm "back in the saddle" and ready to carry on. My last post listed some goals for this show. I confess now I had great trepidation in making that last, because a) what if I come back with a less-than-glowing report for you? and b) sometimes there's a fine line between intention and expectation. As I understand it, intention helps but expectation kiboshes. And then, there are always circumstances beyond one's control.

How did the past weekend go? Compared to my list of goals, some were met but not others:

  • On the Up Side: Hugs: I got plenty of hugs and greetings, for sure, and made some great new contacts. About 20 people signed up for my e-mail list, so I'm thrilled to be expanding my online community. Welcome, all! Lunch: The Greek salad I had for Sunday's lunch was delicious. Dress-up: And my booth, which I decorated in a purple-pink-blue theme complete with colored lights, looked gorgeous. I didn't look half-bad either, in my royal-purple silk burnout duster one day, and glittery royal-purple top the next. Expositions are the only place I get to dress up, and it's fun!
  • On the Down Side: Splish-splash: I didn't take my swim; I brought my gear but was just too tired :-( Income: And, I didn't make my financial goals. With about 25 readings, I took in enough to pay for my booth, but not enough to cover my hotel bill and other expenses. In other words, I lost money.
If you add it up, that's three out of five - not bad! Except, the financial goal outweighs the others. In the business world you can't keep on losing dough...

So what do the cards say? I made this CycleCast for right now; in other words, what's going on this first week of June?

We've been through the Tunnel, fellow-travelers, and now we're ready to put that gift of inner connection to use. Reach out to others with accessibility; then the Siphon will exchange energies, not drain them. See Clearly and stay solid as Stone within your own integrity. You'll go Within for a time, traveler, and find out that the most obvious path is not the correct path. So shine the Lamp of wisdom and look for the Crown to guide you. It's all about finding that one gift you have to share, and using it with attitude.

....no, I can't keep going places and losing dough. I can't keep physically traveling and draining my energy. I've adopted the attitude of giving myself six months to a year at home, and aaaahhhh does that feel good. I'll keep writing this blog, helping my clients bring balance into their lives, and pursuing some new ventures I have in mind. But when the Whole Expo returns to Santa Fe, I'll be there if it's in harmony to do so. I gotta get those hugs!

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