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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Rumbling Thunder: Cyclecast for May 8 to May 19, 2008

I could literally hear the thunder rolling, fellow-travelers, when I laid out the cards for this Cycle. Of course, that's because there was a weather front moving across beautiful uptown Albuquerque, where I live and forecast. Now that's not a bad thing: here in the high desert, thunder usually heralds a refreshing change when the rains finally come after a long hot, dry spell.

This cycle is all about starting over, in a new - and refreshing - way. We'll find a new way to project our identities to the world, keeping in mind that it's really about how we can serve. Think about what you can bring to your situations, not only what you can get from them.

The Thunder lets us know something's coming, and if we can reframe our fear of that into excitement, and remember that we're only a small but essential part of the whole, then we'll be ready for the growth to come. Like a tender seedling planted in the springtime, we'll put out a new Leaf and reach for the sun. Going Within helps us to know what we're all about as we climb the Ladder (or maybe it's a stairway to heaven) upward, step by step.

A big old belly Laugh helps us resolve any dilemmas about which way to to go. We have a choice of guides; The warm light of the Fire reminds us to follow our passion,
while the Moon's cool glow lets us quietly draw to us all that is needed.

This Cycle begins with the dawn of May 8, and continues to the full moon in Sagittarius on May 19. If you have comments or questions for me, you can post them here by clicking on the "comment" line just below. Until next time, fellow-travelers, happy growing.


Kathy said...

I tried to respond several times to this blog yesterday. I love the content. My computer or ISP had it's own agenda. I like the reference to the Thunder and something coming, change. I get up in the morning and wonder what I’ve done to keep us from moving forward, the move to the new house. As I was told once, I am not that powerful. I’m wise enough to figure out that the stars need to align for it all to happen. I’m learning patience, yet again, or maybe I haven’t learned it yet. This morning as I put my feet on the floor I could feel a shift of energy. It felt different. Maybe now we are on our way to The Moon. Thanks.

Jan4insight said...

Kathy, you have expressed your feelings so beautifully. May every new step on your journey go well :-)


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