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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Mercury Retrograde CycleCast: May 26 through June 19, 2008

Cut that out, fellow-travelers. I see you, groaning and rolling your eyes when I announce that another Mercury Retrograde period is upon us. It's not my fault, you know - I don't make the stars and the planets do what they do; I just report and interpret. Don't kill the messenger, please.

How appropriate - Mercury, the messenger of the gods, serves as our archetypal symbol for communication in all forms. And when the planet of communication appears to move backward, all things related to communication get fouled up, or seem to: As above, so below. Hence the rolling of eyes and gnashing of teeth. We want our phone calls and emails returned now. If we could just learn to sit with the confusion and trust that it will straighten out in its own time (with maybe a follow-up call or two), we'd all feel much better. And maybe the message you've been waiting for will finally turn up in your inbox.

With that in mind, I smiled when I drew this CycleCast. It doesn't look that bad, folks (said with cautious optimism). Even the added influence of Neptune going retrograde on the same day - and I'll let the real astrologers define that for us - this energy pattern looks hopeful to me:

We begin the Cycle lifting our heads out of the challenge of I Merge: what is this thing about joining with others, anyhow? Like trying to catch the brass Ring on the merry-go-round, we've been searching for the right balance between binding or limiting ourselves and unifying our energies. It could almost make you feel swept away - so, instead, let the cleansing Water wash over you. Before you go with the flow, however, make sure you've got a Handle to grab onto. You'll need this anchor when the Wind of change comes up.

With all this talk of wind and water, it looks like a good time for feng shui - that, in fact, is what the Chinese term "feng shui"means. If you would like more information about my Feng Shui consulting service, please visit my website http://www.GeoGlowConsulting.com/.

How can we resolve this? By Bowing to the Infinite, the Divine within ... and being willing to take a few pratfalls on the way. The Jester in each of us sees - and speaks - the truth. Be sure to take time out to regroup; inside that Cave you want to crawl into are loads of inner resources. The Wheel spins us all forward: destiny brought us here, but our attitudes and our choices are ours to command.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Jan. At least I have my faith and hope to carry me through and believe that the cycle I am in will work out and I will be able to move on.

Kathy B


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