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Sunday, May 18, 2008

CycleCast for May 19 through June 22, 2008

I hope you enjoyed that last Cycle, fellow-travelers, because we're moving into a completely new, big Cycle that begins with Monday's just-past-full moon moving into Sagittarius. We've mastered the old energies, and it's time to try out some new expressions of who we are. We're dancing through all the levels of energy in this month-long Cycle, going right through the coming Mercury Retrograde and past the Summer Solstice. Yes, there's a lot going on but never fear - we have Universal light shining on us to support our journey.

Behind us, we used the Lover's passion to seek the Crown of right guidance, all the while focusing on the Eye's ability to see clearly. We got to practice sitting with Indecision, and that's okay, as long as we let out the Child that wants to play. Still, we keep the Candle burning - this calls for our adult to step forward, to keep the child safe and shield the candle's flame from the Wind that brings Change.

That plucky Child toddles on ahead, bringing us a place of expressing even more Independence. We'll want to wear the Sword of self-expression as we rise to the challenge of who we really are. Use discretion, travelers; it's only a role we're playing. No blame; the Robe we wear has many colors for the many facets of our personalities. Don't try to do all this the dark, however. You have a Lamp that shines forth wisdom's bright light. Use it for understanding.

Right now, we can go anywhere. We're free as the Air to move up, down, or sideways. You might feel a little giddy with all this freedom; if you wish to sprout Wings, keep it light. Float like a Wandering feather, because this is not the time laser-in on your dreams of righteousness. Basic principles, beliefs, and values are
spot-lighted now, but this quest can distract us if ideals are held too dearly. We know what needs to be done; let's roll up our sleeves and get at it!

The biggest lesson, travelers, will be about how we use our energy for and service in the world. This is not a me-first time; it's meeting our challenges together, with Sunny optimism while sharing the key to one's heart. You might need to get out your trusty pocket-Knife and cut away what doesn't suit you. Know, too, that it's all subject to Change. Detachment with compassion - that's what will help us cross the shifting Sand.


Anonymous said...

I have to admit - I am lost. It all seems so interesting - and positive - but yet I am lost...


drop me a mail and teach me

Jan4insight said...

Sorry to leave you in the dark, Benny. Look in the blog archive for the post dated May 4, 2008 - "So why are they called CycleCasts?" You'll get a bit more of an explanation about what I'm doing. Do any of my regular readers want to add to the discussion? Leave a comment here and help Benny out.

Now that I'm getting more new visitors to my blog - thank you, Blog Catalog - I'll be posting a better CycleCast definition to the sidebar on the right. But give me time, folks. :-)

Anonymous said...

5 posts in may

CycleCast for May 19 through June 22, 2008

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none are of what you speak

Jan4insight said...

Sorry, I meant MARCH 4, 2008.

My bad.


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