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Friday, May 16, 2008

CycleCast Blogger Launches New Wikizine

(CYB/Albuquerque) The meta-blog site Zimbio.com has a new wikizine created by Albuquerque blogger and Feng Shui consultant Jan Burch. Titled "Welcome to My Blogosphere" and featuring a gorgeous header photo uploaded by Jan herself, the zine is an outgrowth of Jan's fabulous CycleCast Blog.

Burch started the new zine after observing that many of her friends who wanted to follow her blog were, in fact, afraid to do so. "This Fear of Blogs was not something I'd expected to find when I started my Internet venture," said Jan. "After all, most people I know have been online far longer than me." Burch did not have a computer when she first signed on to the Internet with an email account on September 2007. She created her website and blog using public computers provided by Albuquerque's Rio Grande Valley Library system.

Motivated to increase the readership of her blog, Burch realized she had to make it as easy as possible for her audience. "I was sending out emails twice a month to my contact list, and that's where I started getting feedback that people were unsure or hesitant about this whole blogosphere thing - which is sad, because I've found the blogs to be the most exciting part of the Internet," said Burch. "I thought, well, I've figured a few things out - I can share what I know with my fellow techno-phobes."

Another revelation since she has been posting on this subject, is that it's not an age-related issue. "I'm a baby-boomer, and so are many of my contacts," said Burch. "That's always a convenient excuse for computer illiteracy, but I'm finding that people of all generations are having the same problem. And, I don't claim to be an expert. I'll leave the really technical stuff to those who know (okay, the geeks). I'm just offering a place where ordinary folks can find or share a new insight or two into what makes this Internet thing work."

Jan has since given up the colorful ambiance of the public library's computer stations, "except when I need to print something," she said. Now the proud owner of a Dell laptop with a wireless home connection, Jan plans on blogging more frequently. "At least once a week, maybe more, and please keep those comments coming, because I love 'em," she said. For this reason, Jan suggests bookmarking her site (that means adding it to your favorites list - click the little star on the upper left side of the screen). She also plans to keep sending out her approximately twice-monthly updates, so click on Jan's email link in her complete profile if you would like to receive them.
What's going on here, fellow-travelers? I hope you picked up the tongue-in-cheek tone of this post. Sure is interesting writing a third-person interview with myself in press-release style! But all good satire contains a grain of truth, and this is absolutely, 100% real - I've joined some meta-blogs, and I have created a wikizine. If you don't believe me, or if you want to see a real, live wikizine (and you can even post to it), just click on the blue "My Zimbio" button to the right, and it'll take you straight there.


Jan 4 Insight said...

Fellow-travelers, I need to add a caveat about Zimbio.com. Because this is a wiki-site, that means anybody can post something, which means sometimes there's raunchy material on it. However, anybody can delete, and I,m hoping the good bloggers will use the delete function to clean up the site. I'm still in my own trial period with it, but if the raunch doesn't tone down, I may pull my blog. Meanwhile, take what you like and leave the rest.

Neda said...

Jan, first of all, congrats on your zine; it looks great! You are so "enlightened" in many fields :)

It's a real pleasure to visit you but now I feel bad because I did not expect you to post that often. Sorry I am playing catch-up here


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