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Sunday, April 13, 2008

"Pause for Awhile" CycleCast for Now Through May 2, 2008

Before enlightenment I carried water and chopped wood.
After enlightenment, I carried water and chopped wood.
That wonderful saying came to mind when I laid out the cards for this CycleCast, fellow-travelers. After all the ups and transformational grinding-downs of the last three or four weeks, now the Universe is giving us a much-needed chance to rest and reflect. In my case, this was necessitated by a difficult bout with cold/flu symptoms, which I choose to recognize and interpret as a "detox" reaction from all the transformation I experienced at the Science and Consciousness Conference. You who walk the energy-work path will know what I mean. I wonder what new aspect of me will be reborn when the detox-crud finally passes on its way? Hopefully, few of you will be as challenged to claim your rightful need to regroup.

Rest by the Pool, traveler; or else climb the Tower to get the bigger view of what's gone before and what is to come. Keep your Candle burning, and don't worry if you get it "right" this time around. The steady candle flame will guide you to the Key that lies in your own heart. And, don't fear getting stuck; stagnation is not an issue. The Lightning will come in its right time to give us the Impulse to just do it and move forward into the next cycle.

Where will the Lightning strike? Where it's most needed of course; to bring together that which needs reconciliation, or to break apart alliances that no longer serve. Keep the faith, travelers, and know that It's All Good.

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Anonymous said...

As I read your blog I thought of how there seems to be many road blocks in my path. Then I thought maybe it's just life and I should quit worrying about what is going to happen. To change my outlook and trust that I will move to "The Moon" Relearning patience and believing in what kind of energy I put out I will get back. You are right not worry about if I get it "right" this time. I choose to be positive.


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