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Saturday, April 5, 2008

CycleCast for the Events of April 2, 2008, at the 10th Annual Science and Consciousness Conference

I've been home for a couple days, fellow-travelers, and I've talked to a few of you about the amazing things the transformational community there practiced as the conference drew to a close. Looking back at my previous CycleCast dated March 19, and which in still in effect through April, I can see how energies identified then have played out in this latest drama. (You can easily view that entry by clicking on the "Cyclecasts" line at the bottom of this post.)

At that time, I wrote about the need for courage to face the challenges ahead, through which we would grow, and affirmed that we did indeed have the inner resources needed to rise to the challenge. If you'll read the April 2 post immediately following this one, you'll see that that "prediction" was spot on. To recap, as the afternoon session of the last day was closing, the featured speaker Rupert Sheldrake was stabbed in the leg by a man who approached him in the question-and-answer period. However, due to the effective and compassionate action by those in attendance, all turned out for the highest and greatest good. Now, that's real cut and dry, so page down and read the April 2 post!

{{and come back here}} Okay, so it was quite a day. Are we fellow-travelers the only ones who have managed to walk away from it seeing the positive, empowering energy around this event? I've been reading what I can find online (not much), and it's either straight news reporting (the Santa Fe New Mexican had the best article), or yet another chance to diss those who, like Sheldrake, dare to work on the cutting edge. Here is my bottom -line take on the event: The strong, effective, compassionate response by the conference attendees has uploaded a major input of positive change into the morphic field, and that energy is available for transformational actions from here forward. (And, no, we do not need to add "security" guards to every public gathering, you mainstream bloggers you.)

Here are the energies I identified in my CycleCast for that day: It's about growing up, fellow-travelers. The time of I Want is fulfilled, and now we look to the greater goals of the collective. By choosing commitment, we can Trust enough to apply our Realizations with the power that comes from combining with others. If we can see through the crossing lines, the resolution is really simple; it's only our complex thinking that sends us off the map.

We've had our Cake, fellow-travelers, and eaten it too. A little time musing by the Window shows us which Rod we must take command of. Something must pass away for the new to come in: fill the Coffin with reverence and let it go. The Chain won't hold us back if we see it as a link to the new cycle.

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