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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Conference Post Day 4 - Science & Consciousness

Today at the conference was really wild, fellow-travelers. The scheduled workshop on "Varieties of Alien Contact Experience" turned into a hands-on, experiential learning session with real, live aliens! Yes, those of us who attended that workshop were asked to convene at the Plaza of Santa Fe. We got there just in time to see the Plaza's centerpiece dematerialize to make way for the landing of a doughnut-shaped craft with holographic light displays, its flashing colors keeping time with the mariachi band playing across from the Governor's Palace!

Ha, ha - April Fool! Gotcha, didn't I? Actually, we transformational types don't do April Fool jokes very well, maybe because our lives (mine, anyway) ARE permanent joke.s "I don't just watch the Twilight Zone, I live there." This morning as I drove to the meetings, I heard KUNM radio announce their upcoming coverage of today's total eclipse of the sun, lasting all day. I mentally consulted all my astrological forecasts, wondering why - April Fool! Then, this evening when I turned on my computer and opened Google's home page, there was a link to "Project Virgle." Hmm, that looks interesting ... hey, Virgin Airlines and Google are founding a human colony on Mars - April Fool! And you know what, I'm not even really writing this blog ... I just clicked "I'm feeling lucky" and Google's new algorithm is translating my brainwaves into keystrokes - April Fool!

Seriously now, it truly was a good day for laughter at the conference. The morning's keynote, by Dannion Brinkley, yielded this quote: "If it ain't funny, it ain't spiritual." Dannion is the guy who survived two near-death experiences and has brought back to us a wealth of information from the other side. Having read some of his work, I had formed an impression and I found out he was not what I expected. Dannion is just a good ol' country boy from the south, and he rocked the meeting room with humor and vividness. He told us we've never left heaven; in fact, it's our job, our purpose in life, to bring heaven on earth. That sounds good to me.

In the afternoon, I experienced "The Rhythms of Spiritual Healing" with Onye Onyemaechi. One thing I like about this style of conference is that we don't spend all our time sitting in chairs being lectured at. Having experienced some of Onye's gatherings before, I knew there would be plenty of drumming and dancing, and that's just what my poor stiff bones were craving. Onye, being of African descent, has the ability to bring the tribal experience into a modern setting. During part of the dance, I found myself admiring his courage in taking on the job of getting a bunch of mostly white people to behave like tribal villagers. Then I realized the the tribes of ancient Europe had been doing the same thing - it just went underground when people started getting burned at the stake for it.

Having loosened us up and gotten the energies flowing and sacred space created, Onye began giving hands-on healing to the group, one by one. By this time, hearts were cracking open and emotions were flowing. I found myself weeping with my own hearts-fullness, as well as crying the tears for the lady standing next to me. It felt great, actually. Then Onye put his hand on my forehead and blew a breath to me, and I sank backwards to be caught by strong hands and lowered to the ground. A kind person spread a blanket over me, I opened my eyes, and felt amazingly light and at peace. It was a beautiful experience heightened by the shared quality of it. We healers need our own healing; sometimes it's hard to come by or hard to open ourselves to receive;it. This time, I wanted to receive this wholeness with all my being.

Now I'm back in my hotel room, facing the daunting logistical task of PACKING UP. Tomorrow is the last day in this phase of the conference community. I will try to pack as much as I can tonight, for tomorrow I have to go see Rupert Sheldrake and check out of the hotel all in the same early-morning timeframe when my body just wants to silence the alarm and go back to sleep. I'm always out phase with the rest of the world, what else is new. Tomorrow afternoon, I will finish with a workshop by Angela Browne-Miller, a trauma & recovery specialist whose work I saw a few years ago and absolutely adored. She is one of those genuinely real people who dig deep. It will be a good conclusion to this journey.

So, I'm leaving you with loose ends, travelers. It mostly likely won't be feasible for me to get online tomorrow, and so I may not have my wrap-up post until Thursday or Friday. Thanks, Ben, for leaving your comment. I need some feedback from my fellow-travelers. What about readers, was this conference-update-posting of interest to you, or should I just stick to CycleCasting? Oh, I do feel another CycleCast coming soon, so I'll hang in there and keep posting. I wonder if Google could write a program for me.... April Fool!

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