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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Between the "Pause" and the "Attitude," or, how has this cycle gone for you?

Actually, it's not that bad fellow-travelers - I'm talking about good attitudes, the ones you have some control over. I always say, attitudes are where you have control, because they're the only things you can control. And yes, attitudes are the huge major theme we're in, to transition us out of that last cycle (see April 13 post, "Pause for Awhile") into whatever is coming up ahead.

I don't know about you, travelers, but that "pause" cycle was tough on me! I had a nasty cough-cold-congestion-flu-detox thingie that laid me up for nearly three weeks. There were times when I kinda sorta enjoyed crawling back into bed with a good book, times when I was just about unconscious, but there were also grim times when I was ready to shake my fist at the heavens and holler, "mercy, mercy, mercy!" I confess to having some pretty bad attitudes on those days.

When I look back at that April 13 post, I see a glimmer of prescience in my writing: "I wonder what new aspect of me will be reborn..." Well, as my energy and health return I find my attitudes are shifting. Things seem just fine, the world is beautiful, the flowers are blooming, I'm recovering some income-generating opportunities (important because I'm self-employed), and I'm inspired! Not only am I energized to work with my clients who need my readings, bodywork, and Feng Shui consulting, but I've had a vision of a new direction to go with my enterprises. I'm going to keep the specifics under my hat for a while, but I'll give you a hint: I've picked up my craft materials again, and indulged in the pleasure of being able to Make Stuff.

What about you, fellow-travelers? Have any of you been slogging through this time of pause/restart? Help me make this a better blog by leaving a comment and sharing your experiences. We'd all like it if you'd shine your light with us. I should be publishing your comments a little more quickly now that I have my own Internet service and can maintain this blog from the comfort of my home! :-)

Here's some follow-up for those who've been watching the news (and my writings) about Rupert Sheldrake and the stabbing incident at the beginning of this month, the latest report is good. There's an update on his website; go to www.sheldrake.org/About/biography/SantaFe.html.

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