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Sunday, April 27, 2008

"It's All About Attitude" CycleCast for Now Through May 8, 2008

Look in the mirror, fellow-travelers - only that mirror is not hanging on the wall. It's your relationships that are holding up the mirror to you: and don't let your Crown slip when you're met with a big ol' belly laugh. Laugh yourself, and join in the fun.

This CycleCast has a refreshing feel to it, which I'm sure travelers everywhere are more than ready for. We're getting ready to move out of that "Pause" mode I wrote about previously, and yes, our attitudes will be a key part of taking us where we want to go. That draining feeling that comes from struggling with perfection is slipping away, leaving us ripe and ready to Get Involved. We'll be feeling more sure of ourselves, and we move into the future grounded by rock-solid steadfastness and integrity.

It's not all sweetness and light. Between me and you, something has to die or pass away - perhaps old beliefs, resentments, grudges, or maybe just indifference - before the rebirth can begin. But the new self will be ready to express in a big way, demonstrating the personal realizations of the last cycle. How to move forward? The "Attitude of Gratitude" says it all.

For those of you who are familiar with the original Star+Gate cards, the energies expressed in this CycleCast are: Crown, Laugh, Rose, Siphon, Cherry, Stone, Coffin, Sword, Key, and Token.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Between the "Pause" and the "Attitude," or, how has this cycle gone for you?

Actually, it's not that bad fellow-travelers - I'm talking about good attitudes, the ones you have some control over. I always say, attitudes are where you have control, because they're the only things you can control. And yes, attitudes are the huge major theme we're in, to transition us out of that last cycle (see April 13 post, "Pause for Awhile") into whatever is coming up ahead.

I don't know about you, travelers, but that "pause" cycle was tough on me! I had a nasty cough-cold-congestion-flu-detox thingie that laid me up for nearly three weeks. There were times when I kinda sorta enjoyed crawling back into bed with a good book, times when I was just about unconscious, but there were also grim times when I was ready to shake my fist at the heavens and holler, "mercy, mercy, mercy!" I confess to having some pretty bad attitudes on those days.

When I look back at that April 13 post, I see a glimmer of prescience in my writing: "I wonder what new aspect of me will be reborn..." Well, as my energy and health return I find my attitudes are shifting. Things seem just fine, the world is beautiful, the flowers are blooming, I'm recovering some income-generating opportunities (important because I'm self-employed), and I'm inspired! Not only am I energized to work with my clients who need my readings, bodywork, and Feng Shui consulting, but I've had a vision of a new direction to go with my enterprises. I'm going to keep the specifics under my hat for a while, but I'll give you a hint: I've picked up my craft materials again, and indulged in the pleasure of being able to Make Stuff.

What about you, fellow-travelers? Have any of you been slogging through this time of pause/restart? Help me make this a better blog by leaving a comment and sharing your experiences. We'd all like it if you'd shine your light with us. I should be publishing your comments a little more quickly now that I have my own Internet service and can maintain this blog from the comfort of my home! :-)

Here's some follow-up for those who've been watching the news (and my writings) about Rupert Sheldrake and the stabbing incident at the beginning of this month, the latest report is good. There's an update on his website; go to www.sheldrake.org/About/biography/SantaFe.html.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Update on Rupert Sheldrake's Condition

For those of you who followed my posts on the Science and Consciousness Conference, especially regarding the events around the assault on keynote speaker Rupert Sheldrake, I just learned that he is out of the hospital and doing well. The updated information was posted April 10 on the www.strangeattractor.co.uk blog. The article also noted that he is walking, using a walking stick but without pain, and the doctors were astonished at how quickly this recovery came about. I'm grateful to be able to report this good news to you.

"Pause for Awhile" CycleCast for Now Through May 2, 2008

Before enlightenment I carried water and chopped wood.
After enlightenment, I carried water and chopped wood.
That wonderful saying came to mind when I laid out the cards for this CycleCast, fellow-travelers. After all the ups and transformational grinding-downs of the last three or four weeks, now the Universe is giving us a much-needed chance to rest and reflect. In my case, this was necessitated by a difficult bout with cold/flu symptoms, which I choose to recognize and interpret as a "detox" reaction from all the transformation I experienced at the Science and Consciousness Conference. You who walk the energy-work path will know what I mean. I wonder what new aspect of me will be reborn when the detox-crud finally passes on its way? Hopefully, few of you will be as challenged to claim your rightful need to regroup.

Rest by the Pool, traveler; or else climb the Tower to get the bigger view of what's gone before and what is to come. Keep your Candle burning, and don't worry if you get it "right" this time around. The steady candle flame will guide you to the Key that lies in your own heart. And, don't fear getting stuck; stagnation is not an issue. The Lightning will come in its right time to give us the Impulse to just do it and move forward into the next cycle.

Where will the Lightning strike? Where it's most needed of course; to bring together that which needs reconciliation, or to break apart alliances that no longer serve. Keep the faith, travelers, and know that It's All Good.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

CycleCast for the Events of April 2, 2008, at the 10th Annual Science and Consciousness Conference

I've been home for a couple days, fellow-travelers, and I've talked to a few of you about the amazing things the transformational community there practiced as the conference drew to a close. Looking back at my previous CycleCast dated March 19, and which in still in effect through April, I can see how energies identified then have played out in this latest drama. (You can easily view that entry by clicking on the "Cyclecasts" line at the bottom of this post.)

At that time, I wrote about the need for courage to face the challenges ahead, through which we would grow, and affirmed that we did indeed have the inner resources needed to rise to the challenge. If you'll read the April 2 post immediately following this one, you'll see that that "prediction" was spot on. To recap, as the afternoon session of the last day was closing, the featured speaker Rupert Sheldrake was stabbed in the leg by a man who approached him in the question-and-answer period. However, due to the effective and compassionate action by those in attendance, all turned out for the highest and greatest good. Now, that's real cut and dry, so page down and read the April 2 post!

{{and come back here}} Okay, so it was quite a day. Are we fellow-travelers the only ones who have managed to walk away from it seeing the positive, empowering energy around this event? I've been reading what I can find online (not much), and it's either straight news reporting (the Santa Fe New Mexican had the best article), or yet another chance to diss those who, like Sheldrake, dare to work on the cutting edge. Here is my bottom -line take on the event: The strong, effective, compassionate response by the conference attendees has uploaded a major input of positive change into the morphic field, and that energy is available for transformational actions from here forward. (And, no, we do not need to add "security" guards to every public gathering, you mainstream bloggers you.)

Here are the energies I identified in my CycleCast for that day: It's about growing up, fellow-travelers. The time of I Want is fulfilled, and now we look to the greater goals of the collective. By choosing commitment, we can Trust enough to apply our Realizations with the power that comes from combining with others. If we can see through the crossing lines, the resolution is really simple; it's only our complex thinking that sends us off the map.

We've had our Cake, fellow-travelers, and eaten it too. A little time musing by the Window shows us which Rod we must take command of. Something must pass away for the new to come in: fill the Coffin with reverence and let it go. The Chain won't hold us back if we see it as a link to the new cycle.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The 5th & Final (amazing) Day: Conference on Science & Consciousness

The day is almost done, fellow-travelers, and I'm still five minutes from home. The conference ended dramatically, in a way none of us wanted but all of us rose up to, and so I had to stop at the Satellite Cafe to get this blog post out of my head, before I go home to take up my life again.

The day began with the well-attended and much-anticipated keynote address by Rupert Sheldrake, a brilliant and articulate speaker. At last I could understand the concept of morphic field and resonance. Briefly, the part that was discussed this morning boils down to: Our memories are not held within our skulls, but within the morphic field shared by all creation. Our brains are needed to access the memories, not contain them. So simple, yet so revolutionary.

I was impressed by Dr. Sheldrake's clarity and ease with which he conveyed his ideas; his ability to make a basically technical subject accessible and entertaining. There's a lot to be said for British humor. But more, I was struck by the apparent ease and courage with which he has conducted his life. These ideas are revolutionary to the point of being dangerous - to the power structure and the prevailing paradigm that props it up. Didn't I write something yesterday about burnings at the stake?

The day went on: pack up & leave the hotel; good lunch at the Himalayan restaurant; back to my door monitor post at Angela Browne-Miller's workshop. Angela was speaking opposite Dr Sheldrake, who was upstairs in the ballroom. His audience would be much larger, but I didn't mind: I wanted to see Angela again. She lead us through techniques for accessing higher dimensions of the self: good practice for what was to come. At break I asked her to sign my copy of her book. We spoke and hugged, and got ready for the final hour of the formal part of the day.

About that time, things were afoot upstairs. I didn't learn until I returned to the workshop circle: As Dr Sheldrake was finishing the first segment of his presentation, a disturbed young man ran up to the podium and stabbed him, in the leg, with a knife. The attacker was immediately subdued, and medical assistance was immediately on hand. At the risk of sounding crass, I guess if you're going get attacked, do it in the midst of a group of healers. As the ballroom was emptied and the police began interviewing witnesses, the conference attendees were directed into the workshop with Angela, which then became the holding ground and energy-processing center for all of us. Instant debriefing to clear the shock and make sense of what had happened. Updated information revealed that Dr Sheldrake had been taken to hospital and was in stable condition and good spirits. The wound, although severe, did not require surgery. Thanks to prompt action of those close to Dr Sheldrake, serious danger was averted.

Those are the bare-bones outlines. The significance, the meaning of this event, came out in our sharing. We are the people we have been waiting for: that theme was echoed over and over again. This was a test, a practicum, and we have risen mightily to the occasion. People who had been in the ballroom spoke of how calm and effective our collective response was: The attacker was subdued by participants; the first medical response was by participants; emergency calls were made by participants; and above, we held the energy. There was shock and grief and tears and hands held and singing of "Amazing Grace," but there was no panic.

I felt from the moment I heard about the attack, that it was about much more that Dr Sheldrake and this disturbed individual. They were both agents of much larger forces, playing out a pattern that has been repeated over and over again, for millenia. The old, the dark, hangs on to itself, resisting our advances toward the light. (At the risk of repeating rumors, I learned from those who had seen the attacker earlier this week that he had talked about "mind control." When he was asked why he did it, he was reported to have said, "They told me to.") We can limit this to diagnoses of mental illness, or we can descend into conspiracy theories. I prefer to see it, in Sheldrake's terms, as the old morphic field defending itself. And perhaps, just maybe, by our calm and collectively strong response to this event, we are helping to shape a new morphic field that will lead us to the world we want. We are the people we've been waiting for, and we are strong.

So. I've gotten more than I bargained for when I signed up for this job! Home is five minutes away and my Luvlee cat is waiting. Good night, fellow-travelers. This leg of the journey is over.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Conference Post Day 4 - Science & Consciousness

Today at the conference was really wild, fellow-travelers. The scheduled workshop on "Varieties of Alien Contact Experience" turned into a hands-on, experiential learning session with real, live aliens! Yes, those of us who attended that workshop were asked to convene at the Plaza of Santa Fe. We got there just in time to see the Plaza's centerpiece dematerialize to make way for the landing of a doughnut-shaped craft with holographic light displays, its flashing colors keeping time with the mariachi band playing across from the Governor's Palace!

Ha, ha - April Fool! Gotcha, didn't I? Actually, we transformational types don't do April Fool jokes very well, maybe because our lives (mine, anyway) ARE permanent joke.s "I don't just watch the Twilight Zone, I live there." This morning as I drove to the meetings, I heard KUNM radio announce their upcoming coverage of today's total eclipse of the sun, lasting all day. I mentally consulted all my astrological forecasts, wondering why - April Fool! Then, this evening when I turned on my computer and opened Google's home page, there was a link to "Project Virgle." Hmm, that looks interesting ... hey, Virgin Airlines and Google are founding a human colony on Mars - April Fool! And you know what, I'm not even really writing this blog ... I just clicked "I'm feeling lucky" and Google's new algorithm is translating my brainwaves into keystrokes - April Fool!

Seriously now, it truly was a good day for laughter at the conference. The morning's keynote, by Dannion Brinkley, yielded this quote: "If it ain't funny, it ain't spiritual." Dannion is the guy who survived two near-death experiences and has brought back to us a wealth of information from the other side. Having read some of his work, I had formed an impression and I found out he was not what I expected. Dannion is just a good ol' country boy from the south, and he rocked the meeting room with humor and vividness. He told us we've never left heaven; in fact, it's our job, our purpose in life, to bring heaven on earth. That sounds good to me.

In the afternoon, I experienced "The Rhythms of Spiritual Healing" with Onye Onyemaechi. One thing I like about this style of conference is that we don't spend all our time sitting in chairs being lectured at. Having experienced some of Onye's gatherings before, I knew there would be plenty of drumming and dancing, and that's just what my poor stiff bones were craving. Onye, being of African descent, has the ability to bring the tribal experience into a modern setting. During part of the dance, I found myself admiring his courage in taking on the job of getting a bunch of mostly white people to behave like tribal villagers. Then I realized the the tribes of ancient Europe had been doing the same thing - it just went underground when people started getting burned at the stake for it.

Having loosened us up and gotten the energies flowing and sacred space created, Onye began giving hands-on healing to the group, one by one. By this time, hearts were cracking open and emotions were flowing. I found myself weeping with my own hearts-fullness, as well as crying the tears for the lady standing next to me. It felt great, actually. Then Onye put his hand on my forehead and blew a breath to me, and I sank backwards to be caught by strong hands and lowered to the ground. A kind person spread a blanket over me, I opened my eyes, and felt amazingly light and at peace. It was a beautiful experience heightened by the shared quality of it. We healers need our own healing; sometimes it's hard to come by or hard to open ourselves to receive;it. This time, I wanted to receive this wholeness with all my being.

Now I'm back in my hotel room, facing the daunting logistical task of PACKING UP. Tomorrow is the last day in this phase of the conference community. I will try to pack as much as I can tonight, for tomorrow I have to go see Rupert Sheldrake and check out of the hotel all in the same early-morning timeframe when my body just wants to silence the alarm and go back to sleep. I'm always out phase with the rest of the world, what else is new. Tomorrow afternoon, I will finish with a workshop by Angela Browne-Miller, a trauma & recovery specialist whose work I saw a few years ago and absolutely adored. She is one of those genuinely real people who dig deep. It will be a good conclusion to this journey.

So, I'm leaving you with loose ends, travelers. It mostly likely won't be feasible for me to get online tomorrow, and so I may not have my wrap-up post until Thursday or Friday. Thanks, Ben, for leaving your comment. I need some feedback from my fellow-travelers. What about readers, was this conference-update-posting of interest to you, or should I just stick to CycleCasting? Oh, I do feel another CycleCast coming soon, so I'll hang in there and keep posting. I wonder if Google could write a program for me.... April Fool!


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