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Monday, March 31, 2008

Sci/Consc. Day 3 Conference Post

Well, today was a "better" day at the conference, fellow-travelers. The grounding seemed to have returned and people were talking to each other again. Or maybe I simply felt better because last night, after I turned off the computer, I took a dip in the Lamplighter Inn's pool. I haven't told you all the reasons yet this is my favorite hotel, but a huge reason is their fabulous year-round pool and spa faculty. I switch on the whirlpool, sink into that blissfully warm water, and say "Thank you, God."

Anyway, the conference today was full of, yes, information ,but also lots of roll-up-your-sleeves and dig deep, experiential learning. Just the kind of stuff I like. Guy Finley started us off with a keynote address and a workshop about living fearlessly. One of the themes that has been echoed for these three days is about the need to give up judgment. As I listened this morning, I thought back (with a red face) to yesterday's blog post. Did you notice that I wrote two paragraphs on commitment to non-judgment, and the next three full of judgment? I can contradict myself as well as anyone. Now, the judgments that I wrote yesterday were all about defense of our planet, and of people's health. Somehow I can justify being judgmental when it comes to saving mother earth, and yet I deeply know I'm off base. This left me with a burning question....

As a speaker and teacher, Guy Finley is passionate - and generous. I could totally get what he was saying when I listened with the ears of my heart - not my mind. To explain it in so many words loses something in the translation. I took my burning question to him at break, and there I received his generosity, his willingness to give attention, one by one, to the many of us who lined up with a book to sign, or just for a chance to speak. What he me told about my conundrum is that, in my writing on non-judgment I was able to follow the practice of Stop, Drop, and Endure. But which I switched back into the judgment, I lost that ability. So what does it mean? I just need more practice - it's a new skill. And also, it's a chance for me to dig deeper. I've been given a lot of those lately.

The second speaker of my day was Richard Moss, a much quieter yet equally deep presenter of the next step in the inner journey. Moss talked about swinging between the two emotions: the deep Sorrow we feeling beings know when we really look at what's going on in the world around us, and the equally deep Gratitude we can know when we get quiet and become centered within. More food for thought; more steps to practice.

I'm still processing, so I'm going to stop here and just list some of the notes I took today:

From Guy Finley:
~Life does not take from us; rather, it always asks us to receive that which is new.
~You can't resist and learn at the same time.
~On meeting the fearful, simply say: "Thank you for showing up today. Now y'all best be on your way."
~No fear exists apart from the relationship that produces it. Fear continues because we are duped into remaining in that relationship.
~Awareness is born in the moment of life touching life - and this requires resistance. No resistance, no awareness. When I start to feel afraid, I can understand in this moment that resistance exists, not to protect me, but to reveal me to me - not what is touching me, but what in me is being touched.
~A fearless life understand that through limitation exists the possibility of transcending the self.

From Richard Moss:
~Consciousness does not truly exist until there is action.
~We can never be completely free of the you-me, past-future dichotomies, but we can become weighted toward the center of the moment.
~True humility gives us a safe foundation to live closer to the Now.

Rich food there, fellow-travelers. While you're digesting it, I'm going to go for a swim. Tomorrow will be another full-banquet day, so come back here with an appetite.

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Ben Adams said...

Great reports from the conference. looking back I'd love to know more about Sheldrake and morphic resonances. I liked the breakthrough insights on non-judgmentalism on the March 31 blog best of all. Ben


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