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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Love Those Comments ... send me more, please

I've gotten a number of "thank you's and really positive comments from the readers of this blog. That's great, folks, because it makes me feel like it's worthwhile doing this ...as opposed to just indulging in my blogging addiction. Most of your comments have come to me privately, via email or conversation or whatever. That's great, and I'd really like to see this blog go to the next step with published comments. That would do several things: make it more of "we" project than a "me" project; get some of your wonderful insights out for the world to see; and incidentally, make this blog more visible and noteworthy.

So c'mon folks, click that "comments" button and you'll find a blank field just waiting for your input. You'll also be able to read others' comments. If you're concerned that you might find yourself "registered" in something, no worries - it won't happen. Google offers several different ways to sign off. The fancy symbols and url-stuff are for the computer wizards out there. The rest of us can simply sign with a real or screen-name, or even post anonymously.

I'm about 36+ hours away from going on my big venture to the International Science and Consciousness Conference. Luminaries speaking at this gathering will include Rupert Sheldrake, Guy Finley, Jeffrey Mishlove, Brooke Medicine Eagle, and other notables. I've announced my intention ( subject to the will of the gods of cyberspace) to put up daily reports, as blog posts, from the conference. I'm happy to know that several of you will be following along with me. The first post will probably come laaate Friday night (3/28), so you normal people should be able to read it by Saturday morning, 3/30. Hold the fort while I'm gone, and read all about it when I get back online!

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