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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Day 1 at the Sci/Conscious Conference

Wow, what a day, fellow-travelers! I've been steeped in the world of advanced consciousness and scientific advances since 9:00 this morning, all revolving around one big theme: It's Up To Us. Yes folks, we're the ones who came in to birth this revolution and save the planet while we're at it. I mean that with all respect. It was said (just before I left tonight's pow-wow in the interest of getting the rest that I need), that souls have been arm-wrestling to get on this planet at this transformational time. For simplicity, let's call it the end of the Kali Yuga, or, if you'd like a more positive spin, the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. Anyway, we're the souls who won the wrestling match, and that makes us pretty darn amazing. That's according to ceremonial leader Brooke Medicine Eagle, and I think she should know!

Our keynote speaker, Hank Wesselman (author of Spiritwalker), put the revolution into numbers for us: Surveys show that something like 50-70 million people in the US - 26% of the population - have shifted into the transformational consciousness. Wesselman calls us "modern mystics" and asserts that we carry more positive ideas and are planting more seeds for positive change that any other time in history. Note that we're here at the time when the Earth really needs us - clearly, business as usual is not working.

That was echoed again and again throughout the day. This is beyond that "create your own reality" stuff I get so impatient with. This is about creating our shared reality. Even more, it's about "eating" the negativity that's been so pervasive in Western culture and transforming it into light. We can do it - we must do it, or our planet and all her creatures are goners. And in all my years of receiving messages and guidance from above, I've never gotten anything that says the Earth will not endure.

I saw this sense of community being lived out in the hallways and break rooms today. People seemed to be actively reaching out; connections were happening magically. I'm so grateful. And when I finally got back to my room and turned my computer, I found another connection: Google's historic black screen. For those of you who don't know, tonight is Earth Hour. Cities around the world are turning out their lights for one hour, in protest of global warming. And that by itself is saving energy. How's that for connection. So I turned out my room lights but kept the computer going.

And now, it's time to turn in. Good night, all you amazing souls out there.

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