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Friday, March 7, 2008

CycleCast for Springing Forward - Now through March 21

Fasten your seat belt, fellow-travelers; this cycle is going to get us moving! As spring comes in all its advance/retreat -- here in New Mexico it's sun one minute and snow the next -- we'll find ourselves breaking out of winter's shell. It's time to burst forth and bloom, just like the daffodils in my neighbor's yard.

Who was it that said March comes in like a lion? That's really true now. The cycle is dominated by such Leonine themes as projecting, willing, expressing self to others, showing creativity, and craving validation and praise.

The good news: This cycle supports bringing forth the authentic self. On a practical note, this is a great time for public speaking, acting, dance or any performance art; writing a blog, or mounting an art exhibit. If you've never tried it, find a local Toastmasters group and dive in. Now is the time to let your light shine - from center stage!

The bad news is, we may see a lot of unleashed egos bumping up against each other. Drama queens and kings will be roaring forth in their rarest form. So, expect a lot of intensity and be prepared to exercise your conflict resolution skills. The lessons of the cycle, which carries us past the Spring Equinox on March 19 and wraps up with the full moon on March 21, all boil down to this: How do we truly relate to each other?

It will be important during these two weeks to claim time for the self. Our batteries will definitely need recharging during this whirlwind of energies. Sit by a duck pond under the trees, or page through a garden catalog and dream of summer roses. Above all, lighten up! Let out a good belly laugh now and then. Know that no matter how crazy it all seems, it's all good.

Laugh out loud, traveler. The Tree of our maturity shelters us now, freeing us to playfully dance between polarities. Know that Tokens are mediums of exchange, and the self's Sword cuts through red tape. Be grateful.

Easy does it, traveler. Be like the Duck that floats above the murky bottom. Practice, practice, practice. We're planting the seeds for the summer's Rose, but that's still a season away. Perfection can wait. When night falls, let your Lamp of wisdom guide the way.

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