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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

"April-not-such-a-Fool" Cyclecast - for now through 4/12/2008

We're entering this cycle filled with a KNIGHT's courage, fellow-travelers - and we'll need it! This is a major cycle packed into three transformational weeks. We begin with the first full moon of spring, still running on the self-expressive energy - and the spiritual awakening that it gave us - of the last couple weeks.

Then, as this new cycle progresses, we'll be kicked up to the next energy level, and it's going to be a real challenge. Oh yuk, another fine growth experience awaits! Settle down, travelers - challenges are how we grow. And grow we will; the challenge that's coming will require each of us to confront what we know by instinct. We may just want to crawl back inside our CAVE, but it's time to face our fears and go forward.

Where the challenge lies for each of us depends, of course, upon our individual life's path. Safe to say, for all of us it will involve CHANGE. Now, it is said that the only person who likes change is a wet baby... so be like this little one and embrace the change that comes for you. If all else fails, let out a good wail - it's therapeutic.

Right now fellow-travelers, we are like that baby, wailing out our I AM's and I WANT's. And that's fine; our mature selves are strong and sheltering like the TREE. A little whining won't hurt, as long as we remember to stay open to the possibilities and call it all good.

Finally, it's time to start planting the ROSE of manifestation. We've had the lesson of letting it bloom in its own time. Also helping are our attitudes - the only things we can control. The right attitudes - of give and take, of expressing and accepting - will help us go far. Above all, show appreciation, and practice gratitude. Learn how liberating it is to simply say, "Thank you."

You're leaving the Cross-roads, traveler; you've found your new direction and have set your feet firmly on the path. Fashion a sturdy Glove to safely carry the Egg of your potential to its hatching. Remember, Glove'd hands can reach out, and also receive.

Rest for a while beneath the Tree before you trudge on to the next challenge. When it all seems too much, look inside the Cave of your own heart to find your resources: You have all the strength you need to travel onward.

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