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Monday, March 17, 2008

"Ample Preparations" in Xtreme Journaling

Hey look, fellow-travelers - I finally have picture capabilities! Here is a page spread from a visual-journaling class I took last month, called "The Art of Repetition." We used repeating images to discover new dimensions in visual expression. I call this one Ample Preparations, or the Infinite Ballerina. The image also contains a found poem which reads as follows:

ample preparations
wherever the climate
and soil will permit. And each prevails as much
as it does, because of the possession of the globe.
it has made for the contest - it has secured
a myriad chances - because it never
depends upon spontaneous generation to save it.

You see, when I'm not being the Feng Shui - Readings - Bodywork goddess that I am, I love to get my hands on paper and paint, glitter and glue, stamps and stickers and whatnot. I'm a collage-maker, and visual journaling is a special form of collage. My guide for the last couple of years has been Julilana Coles, Teacher-extraordinaire of Extreme Visual Journaling. At left you have moi (in the red sweater) with Juliana, showing off the infinite ballerina in all her glory, after the class. Juliana's website is http://www.meandpete.com/. Thanks also to fellow student Eris Wagner, who took the pictures.

Oh yes, what's a found poem? You just cut out random words or phrases from an old book or magazine, and paste them together as they strike you. It's the collage equivalent of poetry magnets!

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