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Monday, March 31, 2008

Sci/Consc. Day 3 Conference Post

Well, today was a "better" day at the conference, fellow-travelers. The grounding seemed to have returned and people were talking to each other again. Or maybe I simply felt better because last night, after I turned off the computer, I took a dip in the Lamplighter Inn's pool. I haven't told you all the reasons yet this is my favorite hotel, but a huge reason is their fabulous year-round pool and spa faculty. I switch on the whirlpool, sink into that blissfully warm water, and say "Thank you, God."

Anyway, the conference today was full of, yes, information ,but also lots of roll-up-your-sleeves and dig deep, experiential learning. Just the kind of stuff I like. Guy Finley started us off with a keynote address and a workshop about living fearlessly. One of the themes that has been echoed for these three days is about the need to give up judgment. As I listened this morning, I thought back (with a red face) to yesterday's blog post. Did you notice that I wrote two paragraphs on commitment to non-judgment, and the next three full of judgment? I can contradict myself as well as anyone. Now, the judgments that I wrote yesterday were all about defense of our planet, and of people's health. Somehow I can justify being judgmental when it comes to saving mother earth, and yet I deeply know I'm off base. This left me with a burning question....

As a speaker and teacher, Guy Finley is passionate - and generous. I could totally get what he was saying when I listened with the ears of my heart - not my mind. To explain it in so many words loses something in the translation. I took my burning question to him at break, and there I received his generosity, his willingness to give attention, one by one, to the many of us who lined up with a book to sign, or just for a chance to speak. What he me told about my conundrum is that, in my writing on non-judgment I was able to follow the practice of Stop, Drop, and Endure. But which I switched back into the judgment, I lost that ability. So what does it mean? I just need more practice - it's a new skill. And also, it's a chance for me to dig deeper. I've been given a lot of those lately.

The second speaker of my day was Richard Moss, a much quieter yet equally deep presenter of the next step in the inner journey. Moss talked about swinging between the two emotions: the deep Sorrow we feeling beings know when we really look at what's going on in the world around us, and the equally deep Gratitude we can know when we get quiet and become centered within. More food for thought; more steps to practice.

I'm still processing, so I'm going to stop here and just list some of the notes I took today:

From Guy Finley:
~Life does not take from us; rather, it always asks us to receive that which is new.
~You can't resist and learn at the same time.
~On meeting the fearful, simply say: "Thank you for showing up today. Now y'all best be on your way."
~No fear exists apart from the relationship that produces it. Fear continues because we are duped into remaining in that relationship.
~Awareness is born in the moment of life touching life - and this requires resistance. No resistance, no awareness. When I start to feel afraid, I can understand in this moment that resistance exists, not to protect me, but to reveal me to me - not what is touching me, but what in me is being touched.
~A fearless life understand that through limitation exists the possibility of transcending the self.

From Richard Moss:
~Consciousness does not truly exist until there is action.
~We can never be completely free of the you-me, past-future dichotomies, but we can become weighted toward the center of the moment.
~True humility gives us a safe foundation to live closer to the Now.

Rich food there, fellow-travelers. While you're digesting it, I'm going to go for a swim. Tomorrow will be another full-banquet day, so come back here with an appetite.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sci/Consciousness/Conference Day 2

Well, the honeymoon is over, fellow-travelers. Yesterday's euphoria has dissipated and I'm feeling flat and blah after (ho-hum) another day of presentations and networking with world-class speakers and fellow modern mystics. I know, it's only my wild little monkey-mind that's doing this to me, but rather than fix myself at the moment I thought I offer myself up to you as an object lesson.

I mean, nothing really bad happened, and plenty of good things transpired. I slept well last night and feel rested today. Yet here I am, unable to discern the good that came my way today. I am reminded of at least two speakers I heard today, who both said almost simultaneously (I was walking from one workshop to another - not quite bilocation), "Lose the distinction between good and bad." It's a false dichotomy, and it leads us into prejudices that we, the planet and her people, don't need right now. Okay, no judgment.

But still, the main event that sticks with me, that I want to share with you, happened in the ladies' room this morning - my last pit stop before going into the keynote session. Another lady was shepherding her two young grandchildren through the obligatory potty stop. As I was primping in the mirror, the young ones were washing their hands at the sink behind me, and I heard a young voice say (of the soap), "Eeeewwwww, this smells like chemicals!" If you want truth, folks, look to a child. Of course Grandma, probably in the interest of getting on with their morning, had to deny it: "Oh, no, it doesn't smell like chemicals." To which I had to let my big mouth have its way. I turned to her and said, "The little girl is right - these soaps are full of chemicals, and that's not healthy." Don't try to give someone an education into the intricacies of chemical sensitivity and global pollution in a 20-second sound bite. It just doesn't work.

Well, we all went on our ways without further incident, but it left me holding my usual bag of wondering what is wrong with our species, that we think it's okay to wash children's hands with toxic substances. We still like to relegate awareness of this problem to people who are "highly sensitive" - and I am one, although not as severe as many others who suffer greatly from our mistreatment of the earth. But this makes it the individual's problem, and I'm tired of that! I've had plenty of "helpful" advice about how to be less sensitive, as if that were even possible, but why would I want to be less sensitive to poison? Because that's what these everyday chemicals are, and we wash our hands with them, dunk our heads in them, eat and drink them, and (God forbid) stink up our bodies and our spaces with them.

Fragrances are big issue with me, and many other people as well. I'm talking strong, perfumed, long-lasting smells. I've experienced some people using hand lotions, of all things, that I could smell from across the room, thereby giving me an instant headache - which I take as a survival-based sign to get the hell away from there. Folks, the ingredients that make your hand creams smell so strong are a class of chemicals called phthalates, and they cause cancer and hormonal disturbances! Why in the world would anyone want to put cancer-causing substances on their hands? I don't get it! Is denial that much of a river in Egypt?

Which brings me back to the conference: I do have something to be grateful for, because it's a fragrance-free event. The company who puts this event on has this much enlightenment going on, that they are willing to respect the needs of the many attendees who are highly sensitive. So you see, in every ordinary day there are miracles.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Day 1 at the Sci/Conscious Conference

Wow, what a day, fellow-travelers! I've been steeped in the world of advanced consciousness and scientific advances since 9:00 this morning, all revolving around one big theme: It's Up To Us. Yes folks, we're the ones who came in to birth this revolution and save the planet while we're at it. I mean that with all respect. It was said (just before I left tonight's pow-wow in the interest of getting the rest that I need), that souls have been arm-wrestling to get on this planet at this transformational time. For simplicity, let's call it the end of the Kali Yuga, or, if you'd like a more positive spin, the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. Anyway, we're the souls who won the wrestling match, and that makes us pretty darn amazing. That's according to ceremonial leader Brooke Medicine Eagle, and I think she should know!

Our keynote speaker, Hank Wesselman (author of Spiritwalker), put the revolution into numbers for us: Surveys show that something like 50-70 million people in the US - 26% of the population - have shifted into the transformational consciousness. Wesselman calls us "modern mystics" and asserts that we carry more positive ideas and are planting more seeds for positive change that any other time in history. Note that we're here at the time when the Earth really needs us - clearly, business as usual is not working.

That was echoed again and again throughout the day. This is beyond that "create your own reality" stuff I get so impatient with. This is about creating our shared reality. Even more, it's about "eating" the negativity that's been so pervasive in Western culture and transforming it into light. We can do it - we must do it, or our planet and all her creatures are goners. And in all my years of receiving messages and guidance from above, I've never gotten anything that says the Earth will not endure.

I saw this sense of community being lived out in the hallways and break rooms today. People seemed to be actively reaching out; connections were happening magically. I'm so grateful. And when I finally got back to my room and turned my computer, I found another connection: Google's historic black screen. For those of you who don't know, tonight is Earth Hour. Cities around the world are turning out their lights for one hour, in protest of global warming. And that by itself is saving energy. How's that for connection. So I turned out my room lights but kept the computer going.

And now, it's time to turn in. Good night, all you amazing souls out there.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Jan's Conference Journey: Day 0

Greetings from windy Santa Fe, fellow-travelers. This weary traveler (moi) has finally settled in to her hotel home-away-from, eaten a bowl of hot noodle soup (much welcomed after being out in the cold, unloading my luggage), listened to some favorite music previously "ripped" onto the computer, and now it's to time to put up this post and tell you all about my day.
Even though I've only traveled from Albuquerque to Santa Fe, which everybody says only takes an hour (yeah, right), I feel like I've made the journey in a covered wagon - and climbed La Bajada on foot to give the oxen a rest. Did I tell you I'm not crazy about traveling? In fact, I think it's a major pain: organizing my stuff; deciding what to leave in and what to leave out; packing; loading the car; fighting traffic; getting lost while trying to follow the Google map; skipping lunch so I'd be on time, etc. etc. Plus, I'm really picky. I changed hotel rooms twice to get the one I could be comfortable (quiet!). Good for me that I stood up and took care of myself; and really good for my hosts, the Lamplighter Inn, for being so helpful and accommodating. Of course, this is just about my favorite hotel in all the world, for reasons I'll share later, so they should be!
Whining aside (okay, one more bit: I don't like to travel because I miss my kitty-cat!), I am really glad to be here and sharing this experience. I'm attending and serving as a door monitor at the 2008 International Conference on Science and Consciousness. This is a big event in the metaphysical and advanced-science world. I've attended this and similar conferences before, but never as a working participant. Even as a "just" a door monitor - meaning I get to tell people to wear your badge or you can't come in! and take your loud cell-phone conversation far away from here! - having this humble role makes me feel much more connected than simply attending as a consumer. The volunteers form a community, and I'm already starting to feel I fit in.
Today's major activity was handling the registration table, and getting our assignments for monitoring the workshops that begin tomorrow. The big buzz among the volunteers at my table-shift was, "Who do you want to go see?" The next four days will offer us three separate workshops running concurrently, morning and afternoon, so you have to make a choice. None of us is advanced enough to be in three workshop rooms at once! Some of my fellow volunteers had definite preferences, and everyone wanted to see our major keynote speaker, Rupert Sheldrake. Myself, I surrendered to the scheduling gods and spared myself the need to make that decision - and I drew the workshop I wanted most, anyway. See how it all works out?
Rupert Sheldrake, for those of you who don't know, is one of those crossover-scientists that I absolutely adore. He served as Director of Studies in Cell Biology at Cambridge, among other notable accomplishments. He will be speaking on "Memory and Morphic Resonance," which I believe will summarize his major contribution - the theory of morphic fields, which explains how we really, truly are all connected. But that comes four days from now, on the last day of the conference.
Why do I love the crossover-scientists, people like Larry Dossey, Andrew Weill, Stanislav Grof, and all those who've reached the pinnacle of their profession, then leapt to another peak outside the mainstream? Because they're brave, and visionary, and willing to speak the truth. Because, in a sense, that's what I've done although on a much more modest scale. Because a true scientist is willing to explore phenomena that defy normal explanations, rather than dismiss it because "science" (meaning old-style Newtonian physics) doesn't allow for it. I always say, if a person thinks this metaphysical stuff isn't scientific, they need to update their science - at least to quantum physics, which is only say 70+ years old.
Enough of my rambling! Tomorrow is going to be long day starting at 9 am with the first keynote, and going into the evening with Brooke Medicine Eagle: Dance the Golden Dream. I'll be staying up for that one, and I need to get my beauty sleep. Time for some hot tea, and bath, bed. Goodnight, travelers.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Love Those Comments ... send me more, please

I've gotten a number of "thank you's and really positive comments from the readers of this blog. That's great, folks, because it makes me feel like it's worthwhile doing this ...as opposed to just indulging in my blogging addiction. Most of your comments have come to me privately, via email or conversation or whatever. That's great, and I'd really like to see this blog go to the next step with published comments. That would do several things: make it more of "we" project than a "me" project; get some of your wonderful insights out for the world to see; and incidentally, make this blog more visible and noteworthy.

So c'mon folks, click that "comments" button and you'll find a blank field just waiting for your input. You'll also be able to read others' comments. If you're concerned that you might find yourself "registered" in something, no worries - it won't happen. Google offers several different ways to sign off. The fancy symbols and url-stuff are for the computer wizards out there. The rest of us can simply sign with a real or screen-name, or even post anonymously.

I'm about 36+ hours away from going on my big venture to the International Science and Consciousness Conference. Luminaries speaking at this gathering will include Rupert Sheldrake, Guy Finley, Jeffrey Mishlove, Brooke Medicine Eagle, and other notables. I've announced my intention ( subject to the will of the gods of cyberspace) to put up daily reports, as blog posts, from the conference. I'm happy to know that several of you will be following along with me. The first post will probably come laaate Friday night (3/28), so you normal people should be able to read it by Saturday morning, 3/30. Hold the fort while I'm gone, and read all about it when I get back online!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Five Years Ago ...

This week marks the fifth year of the U.S.A.'s invasion and war in Iraq. Recently I came across the journal I kept during that time, and found this page written on the first night of the war. I was part of the millions worldwide who publicly protest our government's decision to invade. On re-reading my words, I felt very moved and I wish to share my thoughts with you:

March 21, 2003:

My thoughts tonight, on this first night of yet another senseless war:

~ I am sickened and heartbroken that this has come. I believe in a better way.

~ I am sickened and heartbroken at our current government. A non-elected "president" and his cronies in the oil companies have turned the U.S. into a rogue nation, a terrorist state with total disregard for any sense of sanity, truth, justice. We are disgraced before the eyes of the world. We should be ashamed.

~ I am sickened and heartbroken at the actions of the Albuquerque police-state in their actions tonight, at the protest on [University of New Mexico] campus and in the Central/Cornell intersection. I happened to go to the Frontier restaurant for dinner (I didn't know that the war had "officially" started until then). Of course, I joined the protesters - my people had taken to the streets; of course I would be there. Of course people all over the world are taking to the streets, tonight. First they [the police] blocked the intersection - for no reason, the protest at that time was totally on the campus side - and allowed us to enter the intersection. We were peacefully chanting and drumming, waving signs. Then they came up in full riot gear, on horses (6 mounted police), with dogs and masks and riot guns. Then they started using pepper gas. I came home with my face totally burning; it has cooled now as long as I keep putting milk on it. I saw one man blinded, I hope only temporarily. I saw one woman prostrated on the ground, unable to breathe. Then I heard that this had been reported on the news as "weakened" pepper spray used on an "out-of-control" mob. Not, and not!

~ My heart swells with love and pride for all those who have the courage to take the streets. It's not just college kids any more - it's all ages, all walks of life, and all over the world! I feel love and pride for all those who honk in support as they drive by the protests, for all those who flash a peace sign from a restaurant or shop window, who have a sign in their yard or a bumper sticker on their car. I feel love and pride for those who, like my friend tonight, may be undecided themselves but still speak words of encouragement to those of us who put our bodies on the line.

~ I am sorry for anyone whose child is caught up in this madness, either the soldiers who are following [illegal] orders or the Iraqi citizens who are suffering so much from the madness being caused by a few men in Washington DC - men who have no moral right to hold the power that they do.

~ I believe in peace, truth, justice. I am willing to stand up for what I believe. Joining together as citizens, we can do so much. Some day our planet and our species will rise above the "need" for war.

There you have it, fellow-travelers: The experience of one of many who began this journey as an outcast, only to see the views of the people - though not the wisdom of the government - swing our way. It is not something I'm happy to be shown "right" about. The death toll has not been worth it.

What do you think, travelers? I invite you to share your comments; click on the "comments" line below to publish your viewpoint.

Peace. I swear it's not too late.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

"April-not-such-a-Fool" Cyclecast - for now through 4/12/2008

We're entering this cycle filled with a KNIGHT's courage, fellow-travelers - and we'll need it! This is a major cycle packed into three transformational weeks. We begin with the first full moon of spring, still running on the self-expressive energy - and the spiritual awakening that it gave us - of the last couple weeks.

Then, as this new cycle progresses, we'll be kicked up to the next energy level, and it's going to be a real challenge. Oh yuk, another fine growth experience awaits! Settle down, travelers - challenges are how we grow. And grow we will; the challenge that's coming will require each of us to confront what we know by instinct. We may just want to crawl back inside our CAVE, but it's time to face our fears and go forward.

Where the challenge lies for each of us depends, of course, upon our individual life's path. Safe to say, for all of us it will involve CHANGE. Now, it is said that the only person who likes change is a wet baby... so be like this little one and embrace the change that comes for you. If all else fails, let out a good wail - it's therapeutic.

Right now fellow-travelers, we are like that baby, wailing out our I AM's and I WANT's. And that's fine; our mature selves are strong and sheltering like the TREE. A little whining won't hurt, as long as we remember to stay open to the possibilities and call it all good.

Finally, it's time to start planting the ROSE of manifestation. We've had the lesson of letting it bloom in its own time. Also helping are our attitudes - the only things we can control. The right attitudes - of give and take, of expressing and accepting - will help us go far. Above all, show appreciation, and practice gratitude. Learn how liberating it is to simply say, "Thank you."

You're leaving the Cross-roads, traveler; you've found your new direction and have set your feet firmly on the path. Fashion a sturdy Glove to safely carry the Egg of your potential to its hatching. Remember, Glove'd hands can reach out, and also receive.

Rest for a while beneath the Tree before you trudge on to the next challenge. When it all seems too much, look inside the Cave of your own heart to find your resources: You have all the strength you need to travel onward.

Monday, March 17, 2008

"Ample Preparations" in Xtreme Journaling

Hey look, fellow-travelers - I finally have picture capabilities! Here is a page spread from a visual-journaling class I took last month, called "The Art of Repetition." We used repeating images to discover new dimensions in visual expression. I call this one Ample Preparations, or the Infinite Ballerina. The image also contains a found poem which reads as follows:

ample preparations
wherever the climate
and soil will permit. And each prevails as much
as it does, because of the possession of the globe.
it has made for the contest - it has secured
a myriad chances - because it never
depends upon spontaneous generation to save it.

You see, when I'm not being the Feng Shui - Readings - Bodywork goddess that I am, I love to get my hands on paper and paint, glitter and glue, stamps and stickers and whatnot. I'm a collage-maker, and visual journaling is a special form of collage. My guide for the last couple of years has been Julilana Coles, Teacher-extraordinaire of Extreme Visual Journaling. At left you have moi (in the red sweater) with Juliana, showing off the infinite ballerina in all her glory, after the class. Juliana's website is http://www.meandpete.com/. Thanks also to fellow student Eris Wagner, who took the pictures.

Oh yes, what's a found poem? You just cut out random words or phrases from an old book or magazine, and paste them together as they strike you. It's the collage equivalent of poetry magnets!

Friday, March 7, 2008

CycleCast for Springing Forward - Now through March 21

Fasten your seat belt, fellow-travelers; this cycle is going to get us moving! As spring comes in all its advance/retreat -- here in New Mexico it's sun one minute and snow the next -- we'll find ourselves breaking out of winter's shell. It's time to burst forth and bloom, just like the daffodils in my neighbor's yard.

Who was it that said March comes in like a lion? That's really true now. The cycle is dominated by such Leonine themes as projecting, willing, expressing self to others, showing creativity, and craving validation and praise.

The good news: This cycle supports bringing forth the authentic self. On a practical note, this is a great time for public speaking, acting, dance or any performance art; writing a blog, or mounting an art exhibit. If you've never tried it, find a local Toastmasters group and dive in. Now is the time to let your light shine - from center stage!

The bad news is, we may see a lot of unleashed egos bumping up against each other. Drama queens and kings will be roaring forth in their rarest form. So, expect a lot of intensity and be prepared to exercise your conflict resolution skills. The lessons of the cycle, which carries us past the Spring Equinox on March 19 and wraps up with the full moon on March 21, all boil down to this: How do we truly relate to each other?

It will be important during these two weeks to claim time for the self. Our batteries will definitely need recharging during this whirlwind of energies. Sit by a duck pond under the trees, or page through a garden catalog and dream of summer roses. Above all, lighten up! Let out a good belly laugh now and then. Know that no matter how crazy it all seems, it's all good.

Laugh out loud, traveler. The Tree of our maturity shelters us now, freeing us to playfully dance between polarities. Know that Tokens are mediums of exchange, and the self's Sword cuts through red tape. Be grateful.

Easy does it, traveler. Be like the Duck that floats above the murky bottom. Practice, practice, practice. We're planting the seeds for the summer's Rose, but that's still a season away. Perfection can wait. When night falls, let your Lamp of wisdom guide the way.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

So why are they called "CycleCasts"?

I thought you'd never ask! I could say it's because I wanted to come up with a clever name that no one else is using, and I wouldn't be lying. The deeper meaning, though, comes from my years of working with the Star+Gate cards, dowsing system, and feng shui wisdom on which these forecasts are based.

Over the years of doing readings for myself and others, I have been fascinated by the ways in which the energies cycle. That is, some energies appear dominant over a period of time no matter what the question, or who the querent, is. (Querent is a fancy term for "the one who's asking the question.") The dominant energies fade in and out over time, changing places with each other in a fascinating, cyclic dance. I've never graphed the cycles, but I'm sure if I did it would make a pattern looking something like a braid, or a tapestry.

Some of the cycles can be short-term, as I've posted over the last couple of weeks. Others have a longer span of influence. See the early January posts, which give CycleCasts for the entire year of 2008. These energies are still influencing us and will continue to do so - they form an "overlay" that adds to whatever short-term cycle we're in.

Another thing about the cycles - they may or may not correspond with the calender. This suits me; when I began this blog I knew I never wanted to be locked into a fixed schedule. I know many forecasters of all persuasions do this - they give weekly or monthly updates, or whatever. My hat's off to them - but that ain't me, babe. I'll let the cycles tell me when they come in, and how long they'll last. When I combined my personal viewpoint with the nature of the energy patterns I've been working with - voila, CycleCast was born. Enjoy.


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