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Sunday, February 17, 2008

How did we do on that last cycle?

cFeeling forgotten, fellow-travelers? I know, I have gone nearly two weeks without posting! The break I gave myself for "Mercury Retrograde" got my mind off the computer, which is not a bad thing, although I did enjoy posting the "Poetry Break" a few days ago. However, you'll be hearing more from me now - we are transitioning out of the retrograde, so I have done a new CycleCast for this week, posted below. I'll also have new CyclecCast for "leap ahead" in about 7-10 days. Plus, I want to do some more posts to share experiences, favorite art, thoughts on subtle energies, and so forth. There's more to come, so keep coming back!

Since this is a blog, and blogs are about dialogue between readers, I'd like to invite your feedback, especially on the last CycleCast. Was it helpful, and how did "Mercury Retrograde" go for you? Do you have any funny war stories to share, any tips that worked for you? Which old movies did you enjoy? Taking my own advice (see the last two posts in January), I indulged in a Humphrey Bogart retrospective - and I thoroughly enjoyed watching "Casablanca" again. What a great movie! I also lightened up with "Blazing Saddles" and an episode or two of "Faulty Towers."

Just click on the "comments" line below to leave your comment here. Let's make this is a space where all of us can contribute. Namaste,

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She lives in New Mexico. said...

Jan: I have been deeply affected by something over the past month or so...I don't know if it was the "Mercury Retrograde," but I do know that today (Feb. 19th) I felt amazingly better, had more energy etc. Thanks for your blog. ehw


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