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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Let's Leap Ahead: CycleCast for Now through March 8

Good news, fellow-travelers; this leap-year-day Cycle sees us feeling more in the driver's seat. After weeks of being buffeted by outside forces and energy patterns, we're going to at last be able to take charge of some aspects of our lives. And it's all through our attitudes. My favorite all-time quote from myself is: Attitudes are where we have control, because it's the only thing we can control. I said that.

Themes for this Cycle involve adapting to change and being truly seen; confronting limitations and surpassing them; and walking towards fulfillment. I see all of the "lessons" from the past weeks consolidating into practical forms of self-expression. We'll also get out of our selves and focus on how we can give service to world - even if it's by planting a garden. Roll up your sleeves, fellow-travelers; it's time to get busy!

Over the shifting Sand, the green grass grows to anchor the Field where we stand willing to be truly seen. Don't fall into a Hole, traveler; instead be the empty Vessel, ready to receive. Your firm, outer boundaries allow the Fountain to spring forth, running free and self-inspired. Grab the Handle to keep from washing away.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

How did we do on that last cycle?

cFeeling forgotten, fellow-travelers? I know, I have gone nearly two weeks without posting! The break I gave myself for "Mercury Retrograde" got my mind off the computer, which is not a bad thing, although I did enjoy posting the "Poetry Break" a few days ago. However, you'll be hearing more from me now - we are transitioning out of the retrograde, so I have done a new CycleCast for this week, posted below. I'll also have new CyclecCast for "leap ahead" in about 7-10 days. Plus, I want to do some more posts to share experiences, favorite art, thoughts on subtle energies, and so forth. There's more to come, so keep coming back!

Since this is a blog, and blogs are about dialogue between readers, I'd like to invite your feedback, especially on the last CycleCast. Was it helpful, and how did "Mercury Retrograde" go for you? Do you have any funny war stories to share, any tips that worked for you? Which old movies did you enjoy? Taking my own advice (see the last two posts in January), I indulged in a Humphrey Bogart retrospective - and I thoroughly enjoyed watching "Casablanca" again. What a great movie! I also lightened up with "Blazing Saddles" and an episode or two of "Faulty Towers."

Just click on the "comments" line below to leave your comment here. Let's make this is a space where all of us can contribute. Namaste,

Saturday, February 16, 2008

CycleCast for February 18-25, 2008

Ready to get moving, fellow-travelers? Yes, that boring, dormant, frustrating, stuck period we call Mercury Retrograde comes to end Monday evening, February 18th! (For those of you who aren't familiar with the astrological terms, don't worry - it's just another way of describing energy; this particular energy pattern describes a time when moving forward seems more challenging than usual.) So I've done a CycleCast for the coming week, as we transition from clean-up-the-old time into now-we-can-spring-forward time.

And move forward, we will! The energies show us still sleeping in that dormant, dreamy feeling as the week begins, but within a couple of days we'll be ready to take up the sword and charge ahead! Self-expression will be a big theme this week, especially in terms of big actions that are, finally, coherent with our inner being.

You may feel the urge to initiate a major move or change in career, for example, or you may start new creative project or redecorate your living room (see me if you need feng shui help for this!). Remember, though, the sword is to be used with discretion and care - like a kung fu master performing a kata, this sword-play takes practice! So don't be discouraged if your first efforts feel shaky; just pick yourself up and practice again. Use your sword to cut through the nonsense and get to the source. By the end of the week we'll all be feeling much more connected.

We wake from Snowy sleep, fellow-travelers, and take up the Sword that cleaves the cloak which hides who we really are. Follow your passion as you climb upward again that Ladder of your dreams; it's all Rooted in the Love we have for each other.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Poetry Break!

Greetings, fellow-travelers, it's been a while since I've posted and I've missed you! Now much change in the world of Cyclecasts, yet. We're still moving through the end of Mercury retrograde, the subject of my last post in January.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the astrological terms, breathe easy. It's just a way of describing energy, and the major energy theme that we call "Mercury Retrograde" simply means that it's not a good time to move forward or start new projects.

Since this is a good time for looking back, I'll share a nostaglic poem that was given to me recently by my friend Ben Adams. I found it beautiful and moving, and I hope you do, too.

Manners: for a Child of 1918
by Elizabeth Bishop (1911-1979)

My grandfather said to me
as we sat on the wagon seat,
"Be sure to remember to always
speak to everyone you meet."

We met a stranger on foot.
My grandfather's whip tapped his hat.
"Good day, sir. Good day. A fine day."
And I said it and bowed where I sat.
Then we overtook a boy we knew
with his big pet crow on his shoulder.
"Always offer everyone a ride;
don't forget that as you get older."

My grandfather said. So Willy
climbed up with us, but the crow
gave a "Caw!" and flew off. I was worried.
How would he know where to go?

But he flew a little way at a time
from fence post to fence post, ahead;
and when Willy whistled he answered.
"A fine bird," my grandfather said.

"and he's well brought up. See, he answers
nicely when he's spoken to.
Man or beast, that's good manners:
Be sure that you both always do."

When automobiles went by,
the dust hid the people's faces,
but we shouted "Good day! Good day!
Fine day!" at the top of our voices.

When we came to Hustler Hill,
he said that the mare was tired,
so we got down and walked,
as our own good manners required.

That's all for today, travelers. I'll be back soon with a new Cyclecast, and some pictures, too!


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