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Thursday, January 3, 2008

CycleCast for 2008: the Reading

CWelcome to 2008, fellow-travelers, and if you've been feeling stuck lately, it's not your whimsy - it's in the psychic weather.

We came out of 2007 full of fire, with the passion of the Lover and the dominating radiance of the Sun. The ride was thrilling, but it left us worn down to a Powder. Not a good feeling, but the dross has burned away to leave us purely ready for transformation. Rest easy, that challenge is now behind us.

At the present time we're ready to flow, to Draw Forth new energy after letting go of old, to mix with others like water seeking its own level. Only what's that Block in front of us? Do we go around it, plow through it, or blow it up? Once we put on our thinking caps and resolve this problem, it will lift us up to the next step: march forth.

Ahead of us, the coming year looks more peaceful. With our Candle gently glowing, we can rest in the Earth's structure and soak up the mature wisdom of our being's spreading Tree. If we're feeling indecisive, that's okay; the answer will come in its own time.

It helps to go within, to sift through our treasure Chest of stored memories and feelings and things we know but aren't using. Watch out, though, for that seductive, dark Knight who would lead us down the rocky path of rigid ideals. We'll be fine if we just stay flexible.

This is a lot to remember, so I've boiled it down into a few themes. Read the post below...


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