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Sunday, January 20, 2008

CycleCast for 1/25/08 and Beyond: Pluto moves into Capricorn

The previous cycle (Pluto in Sagittarius) began in 1994 and ends on Friday, January 25, at 8:44 pm Mountain time. In the beginning, we took the uniformed Egg of truthful freedom, and Impulsively leaped up the Mountain of idealism. We forgot that many paths lead to the same destination; the zealots battled for control while laying waste to the garden. The Rose we were given to nurture now survives in scattered, sunny islands, protected by her thorns.

Breathe easy, fellow-travelers, the cycle is completed. We are stepping through the movements of merging, to being, to wanting, to thinking and feeling.

And now a new cycle begins. We'll dance between our impulse to bow to the essence of each other, or to go inward; between our inner truths and our highest transcendence. As we look ahead to the new, Capricorn-influenced flavor of Pluto's transforming influence, may our reaching be illuminated by the light of clarity.

Hold carefully the Egg, fellow-travelers; its curious potential is yet unformed. Let the Impulse to live free deliver you up the Mountain, where we can all be free, together. Your job now is to allow the Rose to bloom: prepare the ground, plant the seed, water and nurture, and never ever pluck it before its time.

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